CD A0046: Kaingk

Bob Evans (crwth / lyre) | Mary-Anne Roberts (voice)

CD coverA unique, double disc collection of medieval and later Welsh music and poetry performed and reconstructed by Robert Evans (crwth and lyre) with the highly distinctive voice of Mary-Anne Roberts. Drawing extensively from the Robert ap Huw Manuscript it also contains bonus DVD video tracks.

“Medieval and Renaissance Welsh poetry performed in all its glory, may not, on paper, sound like the most enthralling prospect. But believe me, when it’s done by the Cardiff-based duo Bragod – it is.” Verity Sharp, BBC Music Magazine


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Track Listing & Audio Samples

Track Listing
Disc 1  
1 'R Adar Bach ** 5.32
2 Y March Glas 2.59
3 Can y Washael 5.47
4 Shepherd's Hey 2.16
5 Queen Jane 7.35
6 Balett Gymraeg 5.04
7 Rio Manzanare 3.18
8 Pepper's Black / Half Hannikin 3.01
9 Psalm CL 5.13
10 Dyfaliad Crwth ** 2.05
11 Kaingk Ruffudd ab Adda ap Dafydd 2.39
12 Peis Dinogat 5.19
13 Awdl Ll 'Y Gododdin' 2.20
Disc 2 
1 Ystorya Trystan 19.34
  ** VIDEO recording in Patricio Church, Powys, Wales


CD Notes

Sleeve Notes

This double CD set comes complete with 104 page CD book with parallel text in both Welsh & English and "In doing so Bragod have created a record of great academic value and artistic merit" Christopher Rees, Sound Bites, The Western Mail, (June 2004)

We will shortly be reproducing extracts from the book on this web page.


Front cover East wall of Patricio Church, Powys, Wales

Album Information

Instruments: Crwth/Lyre and voice
Genre: Medieval & later Welsh
music and poetry
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0046
Label: Bragod
Year: 2004
Origin: Wales