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And Angelus ad virginem he sang by Minstrels Gallery

CD Cover: And Angelus ad virginem he sang by Minstrels Gallery

Music and song from all over Europe is presented on this CD, demonstrating the huge diversity of music heard from royal court to peasant wedding. Pieces from as early as the 13th century up to the middle of the 17th are played on a wide selection of period instruments

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Audio Samples

Track Listings

1 Basse Dance Die Burste
Attaingnant 1530
2 Saltarello
Anon Italy 14C
3 Angelus Ad Virginem
Trad England 13C
Basse Dance & Die Katze
Attaingnant 1530
5 Branle De Bourgogne
Le Roy 1520-1598
6 Miri It Is
Anon England 13C
7 Basse Dance Magdalena
Attaingnant 1530
8 Questa Fanciull' Amor
Landini 1325-1397
9 Tomorrow The Fox
Ravenscroft 1582-1635
10 Estampie
Anon England 13C
11 Dove Son Quel Fieri Occhi?
Anon Italy 16C
12 Sumer Is Icumen In
Anon England 13C
13 Greenwood Tree & Sellengers Round
Playford 1651-1728
14 Ronde Wo Bistu
Tielman Susato 1551
15 A La Fontanella
Anon Trouvere France 13C
16 Ronde Warum
Tielman Susato 1551
17 Trotto
Anon Italy 14C
18 Of All The Birds
Ravenscroft 1582-1635
19 Galliarde d'Ecosse
Phalese 1583
20 Vertias Arpie
Anon France 1316
21 Belle Qui
Arbeau 1589
22 Glory Of The West
Playford 1651-1728
23 La Bergamesca
Anon Italy 16C
24 Blow Thy Horne
Cornysh 1468-1523
25 Calino Casturame
Byrd 1543-1623
26 Branle De L'Official
Arbeau 1589
27 Pasa El Agoa Ma Julieta
Anon Spain 16C
28 Sussex Carol
Trad England
29 Galliarde De La Bataille
Phalese 1583
30 Byrd One Brere
Anon England 14C
31 Douce Dame Jolie
Machaut 1300-1377
32 Putta Nera Ballo Furlano
Phalese 1583
33 Ductia
Anon England 13C

CD Notes & Credits

Sleeve Notes

Songs and dances from Chaucer to Charles I

Towards the end of the fourteenth century Geoffrey Chaucer wrote in The Millers Tale: "And over all there lay a psaltery, Whereon he made an evening’s melody, Playing so sweetly that the chamber rang, And Angelus ad virginem he sang"

This CD brings together a collection of pieces that represent some of the best music from the comparatively long period that runs in England from the time of Geoffrey Chaucer to that of Charles I. During that time both secular and religious music changed and developed quite considerably. Plain song gave way to polyphony and part singing, instruments became more sophisticated and individual composers began to make a living working for their aristocratic employers and religious establishments.

In France the troubadours of Provence sparked off a huge poetic and musical movement that spread across the whole of western Europe. These were essentially aristocrats and noble men that embraced the art of courtly love and expressed it in songs and ballads. They were what we now think of as wandering minstrels’ and practiced their art during the early middle ages. Popular accompanying instruments at this time would have been the lap harp or the psaltery, a wire strung instrument plucked with a quill.

As the middle ages gave way to the Renaissance, Henry VIII became king of England, marking a massive shift in the politics of the country. Henry himself was a keen player of the recorder, lute and viol, as well as being a composer in his own right.

By the time Henrys daughter, Elizabeth, came to the throne music had reached a golden age in England. Composers such as Thomas Tallis and William Byrd were writing sublime church music, whilst John Dowland was pouring out secular lute songs and madrigals of the highest quality.

Music also played an important part in the newly flowering theatre scene in London. Shakespeare makes countless references to music in his plays, indeed it is the second word uttered in Twelfth Night: “If music be the food of love play on”. And play on it did through the reign of Elizabeth I, with much music written to celebrate the life and finally the death of the virgin queen.

The execution of Charles I along with the great fire of London wrought permanent change in the land, most of medieval London disappeared and music too was to change radically. With the rise of the orchestra, the development of opera and the beginning of the Baroque, the court Minstrels in their Gallery had seen their final days.

Minstrels Gallery were formed in 1997 by Tony Scheuregger to provide early music at weddings, dinners, parties and concerts. The group has developed an eclectic repertoire of music from the early medieval period through to the middle 17th century. The ensemble have played throughout the United Kingdom performing at venues including The British Museum, The Reform Club, The National Maritime Museum, Banqueting House, Leeds Castle and many other places of special Historic Interest. The group have played live sets on BBC local radio, provided music for a London Theatre and perform regularly at concerts and festivals. This, the second CD from Minstrels Gallery, explores the range and diversity of music from the pre baroque age.


TONY SCHEUREGGER: crumhorn. flute, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, mandora, percussion, recorder, vihuela, voice.
: bagpipes, crumhorn, psaltery, racket, shawm, rauschpheife, recorder, voice.
MARTIN SCHEUREGGER: harp, nakers, psaltery, percussion, tuned bells.

Also appearing Julie Black: recorder, voice. Louise Black: voice. Laura Cannell: recorder: Steve Hornung: bagpipes. Tessa Shepherd: curtal.

This CD was recorded in 2003 on a Yamaha 16 track digital recorder with a combination of microphones by AKG and Rode. Beacon specialise in the recording of acoustic music and may be contacted by email

Front cover photograph 3 stained glasses from Rainthorpe Hall, Norfolk

CD Number: BEACON MG003

Album Information

Instruments:     Medieval Instruments
Genre: Medieval Music
Format: CD Rom
Our Ref: A0043
Year: 2003
Origin: UK

Artist Information & Contact Details

Minstrels Gallery are a group specialising in music from medieval, through the Elizabethan period to the time of Oliver Cromwell. Between us we play over 40 different, accurately reconstructed instruments of the period. We also sing, recite verse and perform various other entertainments in keeping with past times.

Minstrels Gallery; Martin, Tony and Jane, usually work as a trio but may be booked as a duo and for larger functions the group may be augmented up to seven players.

We also work with a number of very good entertainers, juggler, stilt walker, fire eater, jester, and can also recommend falconers, jousters, knights on horseback, fight re-enactment groups, archers, hog roast and more.


Tony Scheuregger

Lute, Mandora, Vihuela, Cittern, Flute, Recorders, Crumhorns, Vocals, Medieval Fiddle and Percussion.

Tony Scheuregger

Jane Scheuregger

Recorders, Crumhorns, Spinet, Racket, Shawms, Rauschpfeife, Lincolnshire Bag Pipes
and Vocals.

Jane Scheuregger

Martin Scheuregger

Medieval Harp, Renaissance Harp,
Plucked Psaltery, Nakers and Percussion.

Martin Scheuregger

Minstrels Gallery came about as a result of Tony's earlier experiences playing at medieval banquets in the Suffolk town of Bungay. Way back in late 1975 Tony was part of a group called 'Quodling's Delight' playing mainly at medieval banquets and the occasional concert.

After a gap of many years Tony formed a new group with his wife Jane calling itself Minstrels Gallery. The membership of the group has varied over the years but has now settled to a core of Tony, Jane and son Martin. Other players join the group from time to time either to meet the requirements of two engagements on the same day or where a larger ensemble is needed.

With appearances from . .

Tessa Shepherd Steve Hornung Louise Bye Julie Black Jim Parr
Tessa Shepherd Steve Hornung Louise Bye Julie Black Jim Parr
Curtal, Recorders and vocals Curtal, Medieval Bag Pipes, Recorders, Cornamuse, Vocals and percussion Recorders, Crumhorns and Vocals Recorders, Bass Viol and vocals Cornett, Sackbut, Recorders, Shawm, Curtal and Bag Pipes

Contact Details
Tony Scheuregger
Minstrels Gallery
43 Muriel Road
01603 454402
07798 521577
Artists Web Site

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