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Click for further details2:forty by Cheyenne Brown & Seylan Baxter
Cheyenne Brown (harp) and Seylan Baxter (cello and vocals) delight in quirky, innovative arrangements of traditional songs and tunes, exploring the creative possibilities of these majestic instruments. Harp and cello exchange melody and accompaniment, whether in driving reels or haunting slow airs. Songs are lyrical and expressive, with thoughtful accompaniment on harp and cello. 
Click for further detailsAdiós Nonino by Neofusión
Homage to Carlos Gardel with works of Gardel and Piazzolla, and other items of great interest. Both virtuosic and medolic, this is a master combination of the possbilities of the accordion - cello duo.
Click for further detailsAppassionata Quatuor by Appassionata Quatuor (Pan-pipe, violin, cello, harp)
Appassionata Quatuor Pan-pipe, violin, cello & harp quartet, was founded in Geneva in 1990 by the violoncellist Marc-André Thiébaud. The exceptional uniting of such brilliant and varied instruments with such virtuosity and melody, favours a new approach to music.
Click for further detailsArnold Bax by Trio Turner
Isabelle Perrin - Harp; Sabine Toutain - Viola; Philippe Pierlot - Flute perform Elegiac Trio, Fantasy Sonata and Sonata "Marvelously sensitive, uncommonly assured performances of some ravishing repertoire." Gramophone magazine
Click for further detailsAutumn Bruch Op. 83 - Brahms Op. 114 B3 Classic Trio The B3 Classic
Trio releases their work “Autumn” with works of Brahms and Bruch for clarinet, cello and piano, which appears together for the very first time in SACD format. Released in Multichannel and Hybrid format it contains the Eight Pieces, Op. 83 by Max Bruch (1838-1920) and the Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano in A minor, Op. 114 by Johannes Brahms (1833-1897). Released in a luxury Digibook format with 30 pages, contains three layers: stereo compatible CD, stereo in SACD and Multichannel SACD.
Click for further detailsThe Bells of Morville - David Watkins
Live recording with Jane Leslie MacKenzie (soprano), Michael Bochmann (violin), David Watkins (harp). Live recording of St. Cecilia's Day Concert - November 2014 at St. Gregory's Church, Morville with the first performance of David Watkin's "The Bells of Morville"
Click for further detailsChamber Music Discoveries by Trio B3 Classic
Works by Robert Kahn, Jonathan FeBland, Rodney Newton, Jorge Grundman Isla and David Johnstone.“B3 Classic” draw attention to the history of the chamber music repertoire for these three instruments as well as involving itself in the more contemporary creation. Such fruits can be seen in the present disc – especially the recuperation of a wonderful romantic trio of Kahn and their championing of the English composers Jonathan S. FeBland and Rodney Newton.
Click for further detailsConcerti and Chamber Music: David Watkins - harp, Simon Standage - violin & The Salomon Quartet
Performed on period instruments "It is a genuine musical, pleasure to hear lovely works, new to me, composed by J.C. Bach, Mozart and Haydn. When these works are so beautifully and musically played the pleasure is even greater." Lady Evelyn Barbirolli,  July 2000. "What a delightful and civilised record, which I love. I hope you sell huge quantities of it." Professor H.C. Robbins Landon

Click for further detailsEdvard Grieg: The Complete works for Violin & Piano by Christopher Collins Lee & Catherine Riley
This CD contains the complete works for violin and piano by Edvard Grieg, and is the first complete CD to be recorded. The CD was recorded at Potton Hall in Suffolk in June 2001.

Click for further detailsEl Paño Moruno by The Calvert Turner Duo
El Paño Moruno is a selection of the music we love to play and perform -we hope that you enjoy it too! The soundworld of the cello and harp duo seems to know no boundaries. This has been an inspiration to us since we started playing together in 2003 and has let us have a rare insight into music from around the world.

Click for further detailsEntre Dos Mundos (Between Two Worlds) - The music of David Johnstone
Original popular and light classical music. The Swinging strings of the Basque National Orchestra, Conducted by Caroline Collier, plays the music of David Johnstone.

Click here for further detailsHoudy by Isabelle Perrin
If there is no language more universal than music, then there is also none with stronger regional identities. Since French music has been on the sidelines for the past several decades, I decided to write a French Concerto for harp and orchestra. By "French", I mean in the French spirit, building on the work of the composers who came before me rather than on that of my contemporaries. A writing style without "principles" or systems to follow, not Dodecaphonic or Polytonality (it all ages so poorly!). A simple orchestra: one flute, one oboe, a clarinet in A, a bassoon, and a string quintet. As I am hardly interested in analysis, I prefer to write my music rather than to explain it. Similarly, I prefer a performer's imagination to his zealous precision; in short, I prefer musicians. This is why I chose to write this concerto for Isabelle Perrin, soloist of the Orchestre National de France. Pierick Houdy
Click for further detailsJade Strings
When Jenny Dowdall and Aisling Ennis met in the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland in 1998 they became great friends. Ten years later, having gone their separate ways to study abroad, Jenny and Aisling reunited to bring their friendship to music forming Jade Strings in 2008. This unusual combination of instruments works remarkably well, showing off their virtuosic capabilities. For this album, we have collaborated with renowned Irish soprano, Helene Hutchinson. Helene met Aisling while working for Celtic Rose, and also works regularly with the Dublin String Quartet with whom Jenny is a member.
Click for further detailsLive by Trio B3 Classic / Clarinet - Cello - Piano
We were able to appreciate the high chamber music level of this wonderful group, their absolute involvement with the work they are playing, and the continuous musical texture always at the service of the music. You do not have the impression of hearing three instruments playing together, but one solo instrument with three different colours.” (Fidelio) ‘La Rioja’ , Rioja

Click here for further detailsMozart The Flute Quartets by Christopher Hyde-Smith & The Cummings String Trio
D major, Kv285; G major Kv285a, A major Kv298 & C major Kv285b a polished performance.

Click here for further detailsMysterious Barracudas by Respectable Groove
Respectable Groove is a unique line up of recorder, harpsichord, double bass and percussion. All the music they play is specially composed or arranged for the group & combines a quirky view of early music with a subtle and elegant take on Jazz, Latin and Celtic music.

Click here for further detailsNew Chamber Music Discoveries by B3 Classic
“B3 Classic” draws attention to the history of the chamber music repertoire for these three instruments as well as involving itself in the more contemporary creation. Such fruits can be seen in this second 'Warner Music Spain' CD - which features the world premiere recording of the grand trio by the formerly important classical composer Adelbert Gyrowetz, and beautiful, yet hardly known, works by Emil Hartmann (Serenade), Paul Juon (Miniatures) and Robert Kahn (Serenade).
Click here for further detailsPanorámicos Chamber music for winds, string and piano: Works by Griebling-Haigh, Morgan, Schulhoff
Eclectic in the best sense of the word. A strong sense of place pervades most of the handsome works on ‘Panorámicos,’ which takes its title from the piece by Margaret Griebling-Haigh that evokes panoramas of central New Mexico. Local color is far-flung, ranging from America and Europe to mystical Chinese terrain. But what binds these pieces is a clear sense of harmonic language, as well, as haunting and sometimes jaunty personality. Donald Rosenberg Gramophone May 2005
Click here for further detailsQuirk by Fiona Rutherford and Amy Duncan
Scottish harpist and composer Fiona Rutherford and double bassist Amy Duncan release their mini album 'Quirk', featuring percussion by Stuart Clark. Fiona's compositions encompass a wide range of influences. It's not folk, its not contemporary classical, and its not jazz, but its music that loves these genres! The blend of Scottish harp and double bass combine in an unusual and exciting way interweaving melodies and interesting rhythms.
Click for further detailsSacred and Profane by Michael Bochmann (violin) & David Watkins (harp)
When two distinguished musicians get together, the results are always powerful and fascinating. The music performed on this CD ranges from classical to folk song arrangements, Massenet's lovely Meditation from Thaïs and Bach - Gounod's Ave Maria being the former and the traditional "Summer is i-cumen in" and Moll in the Wadd being the latter
Click for further detailsSitar Recital by Dr. Ashwin Dalvi
This audio CD-R is a live concert of Indian Classical Music by Sitar Maestro Dr. Ashwin Dalvi. He has played Raga Yaman and Raga Mand. Raga Yaman is the most famous Scale in Indian Music and Raga Mand is based on folk music of Rajasthan (a province in India world widely known for its rich culture). Dr. Ashwin has treated these Ragas with an improvisational approach.

Click here for further informationSensaciones by Neofusión-Tango
A homage to Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla who died in 1992. Spanish Import which is only available in the UK from Creighton's Collection. A fantastic recording, beautifully presented, most of the notes are in Spanish but those refering to the music have been translated into English.

Click here for further detailsSpohr Duo by Ervis Gega - Violin & Silke Aichhorn - Harp
Romantic virtuoso works for violin and harp
Click here for further detailsString Delights by Gala Quartet
Original Romantic and Nationalistic Pieces for String Quartet, String Trio and String Duo. Members of the GALA Quartet perfom the compositions of David Johnstone. The members of the 'GALA' String Quartet are: Violin I - Catalin Bucataru; Violin II - Daniel Francés; Viola - Fernando López Garcín; Violoncello - David Johnstone.
Click here for further detailsThe Triumph of Time - Part I - Jane Leslie MacKenzie (soprano), Michael Bochmann (violin), David Watkins (harp)
Part 1 of 2. These two CDs contain songs and arias which embrace all aspects of love - or even the lack of it, as in Byron’s chill words ‘To the Moon’ (An den mond) and set for harp accompaniment by Schumann.
Click here for further detailsThe Triumph of Time - Part II - Jane Leslie MacKenzie (soprano), Michael Bochmann (violin), David Watkins (harp)
Part 2 of 2. These two CDs contain songs and arias which embrace all aspects of love - or even the lack of it, as in Byron’s chill words ‘To the Moon’ (An den mond) and set for harp accompaniment by Schumann.
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