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Susan Enochsson (harpist)

Susan EnochssonAfter Bachelors degree from Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas (Applied Harp and Music Education), Susan completed her Masters Degree in Harp at the University of Arizona School of Music in Tucson, Arizona under Dr. Carrol McLaughlin.

Equally at home on the concert (pedal) harp as well as the lever (Irish or Celtic) harp, Susan would be hard-pressed to claim which is her favorite, except when carrying or transporting them...

For more than twenty years Susan has played the harp in Sweden, for royals, for school audiences, congresses, in castles and churches. Susan performs actively with professional and regional symphony orchestras in southern Sweden -- her car can be found full of harps more often than not... When profession, passion and hobby are one in the same, it becomes a seven-day-a-week activity. Duo 'Linnaea' with daughter Lise Vemmenby is a delight; both tea-drinking evening-planning, and on-the-road touring.

Teaching four days a week at Music School of Kristianstad is another example of pleasure intertwined with vocation. Past and present projects with Musik i Syd (regional office of national arts council) in schools and concerts , radio, television, recordings, teaching at national and international festivals, freelance solo concerts, and background music for fests of all sorts are all elements of Susan's livelihood.

Out of a wish to help struggling peoples towards self-help and understanding, Susan has worked and resided in Tanzania for 4 years. A heartfelt desire to encourage all peoples to understand their Human Rights, Susan writes for and supports those in need.

Linnaea (duo voice & harp)

Vocals - Lise Enochsson
Harp - Susan Enochsson

Vocals - Lise Enochsson, Harp - Susan EnochssonDuo taking its name from southern Sweden's historic botanist, Carl von Linné, and from the forest flower Linnaea. New Nordic, trad, music on harp and voice, an occassional flute, whistle or fiddle.

Lise steeps herself in Scandinavian folklore and music, especially after studies at Folk College in Malung, Dalarna. Susan arranges all accompaniament on folk harp, revelling in Nordic modality and meter.

The duo performs in Scandinavia and in the U.S.A., in concert halls, castles, churches and at music festivals, doing concerts as well as workshops. The CD Linnaea was released May 2005.

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