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Kike Pedersen

Kike Pedersen

Photograph of Kike PedersenKike Pedersen - Paraguian harp

Kike Pedersen is a virtuoso Paraguayan harpist. "Nephew of the uncontested King of Paraguayan harpers, Rito Pedersen, Kike Pedersen started playing the instrument at the tender age of 12 at home in the Paraguayan capital Asunción. He has performed in Brazil, Israel, all over Europe and throughout the UK, and released numerous CDs. His music is rhythmic and tender and soulful by turns, whilst always remaining soulful, with that light touch which is the harp's unique prerogative. It's music for floating, dreaming and dancing! " Andy Morgan BBC Radio 3

Kike Pedersen was born in Villa Florida, Misiones, Paraguay. At the age of 8 he moved to Asuncion with his family. He started the harp at the age of 13 with his father Cristobal, later taking formal lessons with the professor Marciano Mereles in Lugue. He soon developed a very personal style and a vast repertoire. He recorded his first album at the age of 14, entitled "Melodias Paraguayas en Arpa (Paraguayan Harp Melodies). At 15 he was chosen as the Harp Player of the year by the Ministry of Culture and was part of the Paraguayan delegation to the International Youth Festival of Dance and Music celebrated in Israel in 2000. he participated in the Annual Folkloric Festival in Ituzaingo, Argentina in 1999 and the Festival del Pantanal in Cuiaba, Brazil.

He has been in England in the Northborough Harp Festival and some concerts in Stamford, Leeds and Newcastle. In 2003 he performed at the Latinamerican Festival at "Cap Vern" in the French Pyrenees with Ismael Ledesma and Oscar Benitio. He also was at the Edinburgh Harp Festival 2004 in Scotland.  (written 2005)


Interview with Kike - WOMAD 2005

Interview conducted with Andy Morgan during the WOMAD Festival 2005

How long have you been in the UK ? Five months.

Is this the first concert you've played here?
Not the first, but it's one of the biggest I've played so far.

Is it the first time you've played to such a big audience? Not the first time - but this audience is different, they really love the music.

Have you always played together with your father? I started with my father. He's always accompanied me on the guitar in all my performances.

Was the harp your first instrument? Yes. I come from a family of harpists. My father plays the harp and I also have an uncle who's a professional harp player.

Are the songs you play typical harp songs, or are they also played on other instruments like the tres, the guitar and so on? My music is folk music, but I'm also influenced by latin music, from Brazil, Colombia . But what I played just now was Paraguayan music.

Are you studying here in England? I'm studying English - I really like the language - but also music. Since I've only been here for five months, I'm currently doing entrance exams for the conservatory. But I learned the harp in Paraguay, so I can't learn the harp here! If I learn the harp, it would be classical harp, or another instrument.

Does the harp have very deep roots in Paraguayan music? For a European audience it might seem a strange combination, because we think of the harp as an elegant orchestral instrument. Yes, that's true. I have a folk harp, but I also have a keyed chromatic harp. I'm currently implementing some new rhythms, opening my mind a bit to new rhythms. I like all kinds of music, I go to classical, rock and pop concerts. But I always have my Paraguayan roots - I carry the rhythm in my blood, I carry my harp everywhere.

Are you planning to play more concerts in this country? The first time I came to England was for a harp festival in Stanford. Later on, I was invited back to the same festival, and to other festivals in Scotland, like the Edinburgh Harp Festival. I've made English friends, and they've set up concerts for me in various parts of England . So I'm developing my art in other parts, and getting to know the culture also.

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