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Click for further details20TH CENTURY MUSIC FOR FLUTE AND ORCHESTRA Petri Alanko (Flute) - Tapiola Sinfonietta - Okko Kamu
Aulis SALLINEN Concerto for flute and Orchestra Op.70; Toru TAKEMITSU Toward the Sea II for alto flute, harp and strings; Krzysztof PENDERECKI Concerto for flute and orchestra da camera
Click for further detailsA Journey by Huw Chidgey & Catherine Handley
Huw Chidgey and Catherine Handley are two of the rarest talents to emerge on the UK folk scene in a long long time. But you don't need to believe everything you read, .................. just listen.

Click for further detailsAppassionata Quatuor by Appassionata Quatuor (Pan-pipe, violin, cello, harp)
Appassionata Quatuor Pan-pipe, violin, cello & harp quartet, was founded in Geneva in 1990 by the violoncellist Marc-André Thiébaud. The exceptional uniting of such brilliant and varied instruments with such virtuosity and melody, favours a new approach to music.

Click for further detailsAr Lan y Dwr by Mwynion Mai Flute & Harp Duo
A wonderful recording of traditional Welsh Melodies self produced by Mwynion Mai: Jane Groves (flute) & Eluned Scourfield (harp).
Click for further detailsArcadian Murmurs by Nina Assimakopoulos
Internationally acclaimed flutist Nina Assimakopoulos is a visionary artist whose accomplishments include significant theme-based commissioning and multi-media performance projects realized to enhance audience connection to classical and contemporary art-music "Assimakopoulos plays beautifully throughout and her superb readings are beautifully recorded ...." Hubert Culot
Click for further detailsAriel by Catherine Handley (flute) & Andrew Wilson-Dickson (piano)
Music for flute & piano by composers from 'The Composers of Wales'....there's a variety of music by living composers who live in Wales or are Welsh or have a connection to this beautiful land.
Click for further detailsCPE Bach 5 Flute Sonatas by Christopher Hyde-Smith
A flautist who needs no introduction performs the sonatas accompanied by Jane Dodd - harpsichord.
Click for further detailsBach and his contemporaries by Christopher Hyde-Smith
JS Bach, Telemann & Handel sonatas with accompaniment from Jane Dodd (harpsichord) & Susan Dorey (cello) together with Partita in A minor for unaccompanied flute (Bach) - inspiration for flute students!
Click for further detailsArnold Bax by Trio Turner
Isabelle Perrin - Harp; Sabine Toutain - Viola; Philippe Pierlot - Flute perform Elegiac Trio, Fantasy Sonata and Sonata "Marvelously sensitive, uncommonly assured performances of some ravishing repertoire." Gramophone magazine
Click for further detailsCarluke Primrose Orchestral Flutes
Scotland's top flute orchestra performs a variety of TV/film themes, easy listening/popular/folk music as well as military marches with their unique collection of instruments. You will hear the sounds of Contra Bass, Contra Alto, Bass, Alto, Concert, Treble and Piccolo flutes accompanied by tuned percussion.
Click for further detailsCastle Music Performed by Karin Leitner – flute & Danielle Perrett - Harp
Castle Music CD contains a stirring collection of pieces played on the popular combination of flute & harp by two sensitive performers. Includes music by CPE Bach, Tournier, Faure & Debussy
Click for further detailsCouleurs by Claude Régimbald (flute) and Nathalie Chatelain (harp)
With a repertoire from baroque to contemporary the duo, who have been performing together since 1995, present here a recital recording of works covering the time of Bach (1685-1750) to Bernard Andres (b. 1941).
Click for further detailsDance of the Blessed Spirits by Nora Shulman (flute) & Judy Loman (harp)
Ever since the Renaissance imagined an Arcadian paradise of rustic pan-pipes and sweet-plucked Orphean lyres, the fancifully associative sound and visual interplay of flute and harp has drawn composers and arrangers, with Mozart's alluring duo concerto written in Paris in 1776 a gracious example of the combination at its most expressively sensuous.
Click for further detailsDuo Flöte - Harfe: Dejan Gavric - Flute & Silke Aichhorn - Harp
Dejan Gavric and Silke Aichhorn have been performing together as a flute and harp duo since 2002 and are in great demand at festivals - they have given concerts at the Bodensee Festival, the Hohenlohe Cultural Summer in the Amorbacher Schlosskonzerte, at the Maulbronn Monastery, Mozart Seeoner week and the Oberstdorf Music Summer Show.
Click for further detailsEarly One Morning by Judith Hall & Hugh Webb
French music for flute and harp. "I have certainly never heard such mellifluous playing as in the tracks of pieces by Jongen, Debussy and Damase ...... Few could fail to be inspired by this dynamic duo's rendering of the French Repertoire." Alexandra Buckle in PAN, The Journal of the British Flute Society, June 2003.
Click for further detailsFlute Impressions by Nina Assimakopoulos with George Boespflug - piano
"Assimakopoulos has not just perfect technique and total breath control but supreme intelligent, elegant phrasing; broad tone color; lyricism; a full range of dynamic expression; and above all style that paints the differences from Bach to Bartok." Gil French, American Record Guide.
Click here for further detailsFlute Music of France by Christopher Hyde-Smith (flute) & Jane Dodd (piano)
Fauré, Aubert, Roussel, Kœchlin, Damase, Gaubert, Saint-Saëns & Poulenc all feature on this excellent recording.
Click for further detailsGreensleeves by Bill Taylor and Geert Van Gele
Bill Taylor (Harp) and Geert Van Gele (Recorder) are the founding members of Quadrivium, but as a duo they have been performing together all around the globe for almost 10 years, bringing the different historical harps and recorders to their audiences
Click here for further detailsHabanera by Judith Hall & Tim Walker
Spanish and Latin music for flute and guitar - Ibert, Entr'acte; Ravel, Pièce en forme de Habañera; and Granados, Andaluza - Spanish Dance no. 5 are coupled with works of Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Rodrigo, Villa-Lobos & Schlosberg. The CD finishes with Piazzolla - Bordel 1900 & Nightclub 1960 and Williams - El Pano Maruno & Bolera Sevillanos.
Click here for further detailsHoudy by Isabelle Perrin
If there is no language more universal than music, then there is also none with stronger regional identities. Since French music has been on the sidelines for the past several decades, I decided to write a French Concerto for harp and orchestra. By "French", I mean in the French spirit, building on the work of the composers who came before me rather than on that of my contemporaries. A writing style without "principles" or systems to follow, not Dodecaphonic or Polytonality (it all ages so poorly!). A simple orchestra: one flute, one oboe, a clarinet in A, a bassoon, and a string quintet. As I am hardly interested in analysis, I prefer to write my music rather than to explain it. Similarly, I prefer a performer's imagination to his zealous precision; in short, I prefer musicians. This is why I chose to write this concerto for Isabelle Perrin, soloist of the Orchestre National de France. Pierick Houdy
Click for further detailsInstruments de la poésie by Dejan Gavric - Flute & Silke Aichhorn - Harp
"Instruments of poetry" Music for flute and harp from France through five centuries
Click here for further detailsIn The Tradition by Huw Chidgey & Catherine Handley
Huw Chidgey and Catherine Handley are two of the rarest talents to emerge on the UK folk scene in a long long time. But you don't need to believe everything you read, .................. just listen.
Click here for further detailsIntroduction and Allegro for Harp, Flute, Clarinet & String Quartet. Ravel.
Zoltan Gyöngyössy - flute & Kodaly Quartet
Naxos CD with Debussy String Quartet No 1 in G Minor & Ravel String Quartet in F. Kodaly Quartet with Zoltan Gyongyossy - flute, Bela Kovacs - clarinet and Eva Maros - harp.
Click here for further detailsInvocation by Kate Walsh
Mainly unaccompanied repertoire, with the full spectrum from traditional folk tunes to settings of Japanese haiku (with voice) in a haunting contemporary idiom & two spiritual pieces – Requiem and Mei by Fukushima. Kokopeli by K Hoover as well as "A Minor Sonata" from C.P.E. Bach, and the C Major sonata by J.S. Bach and one of the twelve "Fantasias" by Telemann.
Click here for further detailsL'heure bleue by Michel Tirabosco & Nathalie Chatelain
" ...Music above all " wrote Verlaine. And adding their own poetry, as well, this is what Michel Tirabosco and Nathalie Chatelain's beautiful recording is all about. ..... Their music makes us dream. Those who listen on are in for a treat in relishing this discovery. Frantz Petri
Click for further detailsLa Cause est Amer by Quadrivium
Medieval Love Poems from Japan and the Low Countries - La Cause est Amer (the cause is bitterness / love), but the result is great delicacy and exquisite poetry: don't hesitate to treat yourself to an hour of courtly love in the company of ensemble Quadrivium. (P. Boquet, Chairwoman of Societe Francaise de Luth in Le Joueur de Luth, June 09)
Click for further informationWolfgang Amadé Mozart by Dejan Gavric - Flute & Silke Aichhorn - Harp
Live concert recording at the Villa Huegel, Essen. Dejan Gavric (Flute) & Silke Aichhorn (Harp) with the Folkwang Kammerochestra Essen conducted by Peter Ewaldt performing the concerto, K. 299 for flute, harp and orchestra and Sinfonie in D major by WA Mozart.
Click here for further detailsMozart: Concerto in C Major for Flute and Harp K. 299 Sinfonia Concertante in E Flat Major K.297b
Anyone venturing outside the more conventional Mozart concerto repertoire will not be disappointed by these enjoyable and highly musical readings under the young Austrian conductor, Richard Edlinger. - Classic CD - June 1990
Click here for further detailsMozart The Flute Quartets by Christopher Hyde-Smith & The Cummings String Trio
D major, Kv285; G major Kv285a, A major Kv298 & C major Kv285b a polished performance.
Click here for further detailsMusic for Flute and Harp by Clive Conway (Flute) & David Watkins (Harp)
The flute with harp is a delicious combination, mellifluous and pleasing and much music has been written for these two instruments including Mozart's famous Concerto. In "Music for Flute and Harp" Clive Conway and I perform music by Mozart, Krumpholtz (Haydn's harpist at Esterhazy) and other classical composers. Jill Hughes joins us in the beautiful Interlude from the "Childhood of Christ" by Berlioz.
Click here for further detailsMusic from the North Lands by The Nicholson Pierce Duo
Includes Three Dirges composed by David Horne which was commissioned by the performers, also on this album of contemporary music are works by Edward McGuire, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Toru Takemitsu & Adrian Shaposhnikov.
Click here for further detailsPanorámicos Chamber music for winds, string and piano: Works by Griebling-Haigh, Morgan, Schulhoff
Eclectic in the best sense of the word. A strong sense of place pervades most of the handsome works on ‘Panorámicos,’ which takes its title from the piece by Margaret Griebling-Haigh that evokes panoramas of central New Mexico. Local color is far-flung, ranging from America and Europe to mystical Chinese terrain. But what binds these pieces is a clear sense of harmonic language, as well, as haunting and sometimes jaunty personality. Donald Rosenberg Gramophone May 2005
Click here for further detailsPas de Deux by Helen Davies (harp) & Poul Høxbro (low whistle)
A selection of the music from the Bülow Collection - the legacy of 18th century Dainish nobleman Johan von Bülow performed here by Helen Davies and Poul Høxbro. The recording includes a mumber of Johann Andreas Kirchhoff's "Handstück für die Harfe" which have been complied and edited by Helen Davies & Poul Høxbro and published by Adlais Music Publishers
Click here for further detailsRomantic Music for Flute and Harp. János Bálint, Flute and Nóra Mercz, Harp
The combination of flute and harp is one that is peculiarly satisfying, the one instrument a foil to the other. The eleven transcriptions recorded start with the Intermezzo from Bizet's Spanish opera Carmen, a realistic drama of love, jealousy and murder, set in Seville.
Click here for further detailsSonata Tanguera by Duo Aguirre-Rocco
The first album of the Duo Aguirre-Rocco released in Europe, combines two engrained Argentinian styles of music - European classical music and the tango. The musical themes and rhythmic elements are preserved while integrated into traditional chamber music.
Click here for further detailsWhat Katie Did by Kate Walsh
Includes a wide selection of classics and lesser-known repertoire for solo flute and with piano. The highlights are a moving performance of the great Sonata in A by Franck and the Partita in A Minor by J.S.Bach. Other lesser-known gems include the whole of La Flûte de Pan by Jules Mouquet and the Saint-Saens Romance.
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