SM186: Netty's Garden

Netty's Garden
Els Millenaar

Cover Image: Netty's Garden by Els Millenaar

Original music for Lever Harp. Elisabeth loves photography, and envisions her music to be published with accompanying images and poetry. The photographs in this, her first publication, are by her brother Rob, a keen and talented photographer. The compositions in the book stem from her imagination and the heart; it is a sketch of their mother’s childhood.

1. Freesia
2. The Swing
3. Anemone
4. Frog in the Pond
5. Cloudplay
6. Dragon Fly

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About Els Millenaar


Composer’s Notes

Netty's Garden is inspired by the image of a young girl exploring the garden.

Freesia. Gentle flowers, wonderful shapes. She would like to pick them, but decides they look better in the garden.

The Swing. Netty on the swing, swings higher and higher, the sky is blue and when she's done she jumps off.

Anemone. From the open window piano music drifts into the garden: it is her grandmother playing in a 19th century style. She admires the anemones with the music in the background.

Frog in the Pond. Wandering though the garden, Netty arrives at the pond, where a frog catches her eye. The frog swims happily from a rock to a waterlily leaf, and climbs onto it. When Netty gets too close, it jumps into the water again.

Cloudplay. Stretched out in the grass, Netty looks up to the clouds. As they drift by, the shapes tell stories.

Dragonfly. A dragonfly catches Netty's eye as it hovers close by. She studies its gossamer wings.

Words & Music: Elisabeth Millenaar
Photography: Rob Millenaar

Library Information

Title: Netty's Garden
Composer: Els Millenaar (music & poetry)
Instrumentation: Lever Harp
Level: Intermediate
Format: Stapled
Size: AA
Pages of Music: 7
Weight: 82gm
ISMN: M-57046-011-3
Our Ref: SM186
Publisher: Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: Second Edition May 2010
Origin: Wales, UK

Sample Page

Sample of the music


a blurr of yellow
four gossamer wings
why do they call you
are you on your way 
to the pond
take care
mister frog is fast
ah but four wings
are fast and strong
even if I can see
right through them
fly dragon

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