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Sheet Music for Harp
New Harp Music
Corrina Hewat

Cover imageA stunning new collection of 22 original compositions and arrangements of traditional Scottish music for lever harp.

Her second collection of harp music, this book contains compositions and arrangements selected from Corrina’s back catalogue of works for solo harp, from 1998 to 2019. Included are arrangements of tunes taken from some of Corrina’s large-scale works, such as ‘Making The Connection’ and ‘Song of the Oak and the Ivy’.

As an educator and solo performer, her music has influenced countless harpers around the world and this collection holds something for students and performers alike; Corrina is known for creating music that will challenge the most advanced performer, yet her gift for composing memorable tunes where the beauty lies in simplicity will inspire learners even in the earliest stages of development.


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New Harp Music
Corrina Hewat


1. The Gentlest Brushstroke
2. Fourteen Years
3. Redesmouth Mill
4. Night Has Fallen and I Won’t Leave (Tha An Oidhche Ann’s Chan Fhalbh Mi)
5. Ted’s Rant
6. Ted’s Polska
7. Elmo Lives Downstairs
8. The Shealing in the Braes of Rannoch (Bothan airidh ‘m braighe Raineach)
9. Louise’s Livvy
10. Joyce and Martin Heller
11. The Old Bard of Stilligarry
12. Clann Mhuirich
13. The Bard Sleeps No More
14. The Braes of Lochbroom (Bruthaichean Ghlinn’-Braon)
15. The Berserk
16. Silent Farewell
17. Greenwood Jig
18. Fèis Rois 25 Year Jig
19. Milligan’s Waltz
20. Macmasterpacker
21. Who’s For Bubbly?
22. Widow’s Lament 


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Library Information

Title: New Harp Music
Composer: Corrina Hewat
Contents: 22 solos (see Contents above)
Instrumentation: Lever Harp
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Format: A4 stapled
ISBN: --
Publisher: Corrina hewat
Edition/Year: 2019
Origin: UK
Our Ref: UM1540