UM0927 The Complete Carolan Songs & Airs

The Complete Carolan Songs & Airs (4 CD Edition)
arranged for the Irish Harp
Caitríona Rowsome
Cover imageThis remarkable book is a valuable resource for those wishing to play and sing the music of this extraordinary 18th-century blind harper. This comprehensive collection gives a unique perspective to the music of the great Irish harper-composer, Turlough Carolan (1670-1738). Caitríona Rowsome has combined Carolan’s surviving airs with sensitive and appropriate harp settings, metrically matching them with Carolan’s surviving lyrics for the airs. Many of the airs are not commonly known as songs, and some include lyrics published here for the first time. For each of Carolan’s Irish songs, an English interpretation is also provided. These are in the form of translations, paraphrases and, in some cases, English songs that give a context to – and a broader understanding of – Carolan’s Irish verse. Particularly fascinating and enlightening are her translations of the Irish lyrics and poems, which give us an insight into Carolan's love for life, extraordinary range of friends and his deep affection for them, both male and female.

Caitríona Rowsome, an accomplished harpist herself, has arranged all 226 airs for the Irish harp and has included a detailed explanation of the background of each and about the patron or friend for whom Carolan composed the music. The arrangements vary from simple to complex and will suit a range of skill levels. Historical notes are also provided, as well as an appendix and notes on ornamentation.

All 226 airs are included on 4 CDs and are played on a Salvi harp by Caitriona Rowsome.

‘A must-have for all Carolan enthusiasts.’
- Áine Ní Dhubhghaill, Royal Irish Academy of Music

These new harp arrangements and song settings will encourage contemporary Irish harpers to explore afresh this still-beguiling music of three hundred years ago.
- Nicholas Carolan, Director, Irish Traditional Music Archive

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1 Lady Athenry
2 Mrs. Bermingham — First Air
3 Mrs. Bermingham — Second Air
4 James Betagh
5 Lady Blayney
6 George Brabazon — First Air
7 George Brabazon — Second Air
8 Sir Ulick Burke
9 Sir Festus Burke
10 Lady Laetitia Burke
11 The Honourable Thomas Burke
12 Isabella Burke
13 Thomas Burke
14 Planxty Burke
15 Mrs. Cole
16 Nancy Cooper — First Air
17 Nancy Cooper — Second Air
18 Sir Charles Coote
19 Edward Corcoran
20 Mrs. Costello
21 Planxty Crilly
22 Sir Edward Crofton
23 James Crofton
24 Mrs. Crofton
25 Miss Crofton
26 Bridget Cruise — First Air
27 Bridget Cruise — Second Air
28 Bridget Cruise — Third Air
29 Bridget Cruise — Fourth Air
30 Richard Cusack
31 James Daly
32 Dr. Delany
33 Mrs. Delany
34 Lord Dillon
35 Lady Dillon
36 Gerald Dillon
37 Fanny Dillon
38 Counsellor Dillon
39 Luke Dillon
40 Edward Dodwell
41 Planxty Drew
42 John Drury — First Air
43 John Drury — Second Air
44 William Eccles
45 Mrs. Edwards
46 Mrs. Fallon
47 Mrs. Farrell
48 Miss Fetherston Carolan’s Devotion
49 Mrs. Garvey — First Air
50 Mrs. Garvey — Second Air
51 Lady Gerhin
52 Miss Goulding
53 Dr. John Hart, Bishop of Achonry
54 Mrs. Harwood
55 Robert Hawkes
56 Hewlett
57 Captain Higgins
58 Lord Inchiquin
59 Colonel John Irwin
60 Colonel Irwin
61 John Jameson
62 Baptist Johnston
63 John Jones
64 Loftus Jones
65 Thomas Morres Jones | Bumper Squire Jones
66 Robert Jordan
67 Thomas Judge | Carolan’s Frolic
68 Mrs. Judge
69 Mrs. Keel
70 Daniel Kelly
71 Hugh Kelly
72 John Kelly
73 Mabel Kelly
74 Patrick Kelly
75 Susanna Kelly
76 Planxty Kelly
77 Lord Louth

78 Henry MacDermott Roe — First Air
79 Henry MacDermott Roe — Second Air
80 Henry MacDermott Roe — Third Air
81 Mrs. MacDermott Roe
82 Mrs. Anne MacDermott Roe
83 Elizabeth MacDermott Roe
84 Father Brian MacDermott Roe
85 Edmond MacDermott Roe
86 John MacDermott
87 Miss MacDermott The Princess Royal
88 Dolly MacDonough
89 Dr. MacMahon, Bishop of Clogher
90 Miss MacMurray
91 Betty MacNeill
92 Morgan Magan
93 Captain Magan
94 Kitty Magennis
95 Brian Maguire
96 Constantine Maguire
97 Mr. Malone
98 Margaret Malone
99 Catherine Martin
100 Lord Massereene
101 Mrs. Maxwell — First Air
102 Mrs. Maxwell — Second Air
103 John Moore
104 Peggy Morton
105 Miss Murphy
106 Miss Noble
107 John Nugent
108 Mrs. Nugent
109 - Elizabeth Nugent
110 Grace Nugent
111 Betty O’Brien
112 Donal O’Brien
113 Mr. O’Connor
114 John O’Connor
115 Maurice O’Connor — First Air
116 Maurice O’Connor — Second Air
117 Maurice O’Connor — Third Air
118 Mrs. O’Connor
119 Dr. O’Connor
120 Michael O’Connor — First Air
121 Michael O’Connor — Second Air
122 Denis O’Connor — First Air
123 Denis O’Connor — Second Air
124 Mrs. O’Conor
125 Charles O’Conor
126 Colonel Manus O’Donnell
127 Hugh O’Donnell
128 O’Flinn
129 Colonel O’Hara
130 Kean O’Hara — First Air
131 Kean O’Hara — Second Air
132 * Kean O’Hara—Third Air
133 Captain O’Kane
134 Katherine O’More
214 Captain O’Neill
135 Mrs. O’Neill of Carlane
136 Mrs. O’Neill
137 Mary O’Neill | Carolan’s Favourite Jig
138 O’Reilly of Athcarne
139 Conor O’Reilly
140 John O’Reilly — First Air
141 * John O’Reilly — Second Air
142 Owen O’Rourke
143 Mrs. O’Rourke
144 Planxty O’Rourke — First Air
145 Planxty O’Rourke — Second Air
146 Frank Palmer
147 Squire Parsons
148 Tobias Peyton
149 * John Peyton
150 Eleanor Plunkett
151 James Plunkett
152 Planxty Plunkett
153 David Power
154 Mrs. Power Carolan’s Concerto
154a Mrs. Power Carolan’s Concerto

155 Fanny Power
156 Mervyn Pratt
157 George Reynolds
158 * Lady St. John
159 Sir Arthur Shaen
160 Major Shanly
161 Dr. John Stafford | Carolan’s Receipt
162 Mrs. Sterling
163 Captain Sudley Carolan’s Dowry
164 Planxty Sweeney
165 Mr. Waller
166 Mrs. Waller
167 William Ward
168 Planxty Wilkinson
169 Lady Wrixon
170 General Wynne

171 Untitled I | Carolan’s Welcome
172 Untitled II
173 Untitled III
174 Untitled IV Planxty Safaigh
175 Untitled V
176 * Untitled VI
177 * Untitled VII Planxty O’Carolan
178 Untitled VIII | Planxty O’Neill
179 * Untitled IX | Planxty Scott
180 * Untitled X Planxty Browne

181 * AllAlive
182 * Blind Mary
183 Carolan’s Cap
184 Carolan’s Cottage
185 * Carolan’s Cup
186 Carolan’s Draught
187 * Carolan’s Dream
188 Carolan’s Farewell to Music
189 Carolan’s Maggot
190 Carolan’s Quarrel with the Landlady
191 Carolan’s Ramble to Cashel
192 Cremonea
193 * The Dark, Plaintive Youth
194 The Elevation
195 The Fairy Queen
196 * The Landlady
197 * Ode to Whiskey
198 * One Bottle More
199 The O’Rourkes’ Feast
200 * The Seas are Deep
201 Separation of Soul and Body
202 Sheebeg and Sheemore
203 * The Two William Davises
204 Variations on the Scottish Air ‘Cock Up Your Beaver’
205 Variations on the Scottish Air ‘When She Cam Ben’

206 Lament for Sir Ulick Burke
207 * The Clergy’s Lamentation
208 * Lord Galway’s Lamentation
209 Lament for Charles MacCabe
210 Lament for Terence MacDonough
211 Lament for Owen Roe O’Neill
212 Lament for Owen O’Rourke
213 Squire Wood’s Lamentation
on the Refusal of his Halfpence

214 Captain O’Neill
215 * Athlone
216 * Banks of the Shannon
217 * Cuir Do Cheann Dileas
218 * Failite Na Miosc
219 * Farewell to Lough Neaghe
220 * Irish Galloway Tom
221 * The Lamentation of Ireland
222 * The Merry Maids of Connaught
223 * Port Gordon
224 * Righin Alum Aribhin Og
225 * Sorridh Lear a Naomhaig
226 * Uillagan Dubh O

* Attributions marked with an asterisk, while like Carolan’s style of composing and, in certain cases,
found ascribed and credited to Carolan in extant manuscripts or printed sources, in the absence of
conclusive evidence, may or may nor be by Carolan.


by Sheila Larchet Cuthbert

This remarkable book The Complete Carolan Songs & Airs arranged for the Irish Harp is a valuable new resource for those wishing to play and sing the music of this extraordinary blind harper who lived in the 18th century and left to us, as the author states, ‘his legacy of creative genius in composition'.

Caitriona, a harpist herself, has arranged all 226 airs for the Irish harp and with each a detailed explanation about the patron or friend for whom Carolan composed the music. Particularly fascinating and enlightening is her translation into English of Carolan’s Irish words, which give us an insight into his love for conviviality, good company and the presence of friends, both men and women.

In offering sincerest congratulations to Caitriona Rowsome on a truly great achievement, I wish this book every success for the author and the publisher, Waltons Music Ltd.

Caitriona refers many times to the late Doctor Donal O’Sullivan who always spoke of ‘this noble instrument’ and whose years of dedicated research made the music of Toirdhealbhach Ó Cearbhalláin available to us all. It seems appropriate therefore, to leave the penultimate words to Donal O’Sullivan in a quotation from his definitive edition — CAROLAN, The Life Times and Music of an Irish Harper, Volume One:

‘He made many a noble sing in praise of fair women and gallant men, now long dead, whose names still live in the grace and charm of these melodies.'

Míle Buíochas, Caitríona.

Audio Samples

All 226 tunes in the book have been recorded on 4 CDs by Caitríona Rowsome and the CDs are included with the book

The three sample clips above are from CD One

Sample Page

Sample Page

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Title: The Complete Carolan Songs & Airs (CD Edition)
arranged for the Irish Harp
Contents: 226 Songs & Airs - See panel above for listings
Study Recording: 226 Songs & Airs - recorded on 4 CDs accaompanies the book
Performed by Caitríona Rowsome
Arranged by: Caitríona Rowsome
Instrumentation: Irish Harp (Lever Harp)
Level: Varied
Format: Bound
Weight: 1200gm
ISBN: 978-1-85720-218-2
Our Ref: UM0927
Publisher: Waltons Music Ltd
Edition/Year: 2011
Origin: Ireland