UM0746 Fête intime

Fête intime
Benoît Wery
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Contents: 4 harp solos (see "contents" for details)
Instrumentation: Lever or Pedal Harp
Level: Intermediate
Format: Stapled score
Size: 230 x 305mm
Pages of music: 13
Weight: 100gm
ISMN: 979-0-2309-8340-2
Our Ref: UM0746
Publisher: Henry Lemoine
Series ---
Edition/Year: 2005
Origin: France
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Contents & Composers notes


Fete intime ...

... au Burkina Faso
... a Shangai
... a Malaga
... a Paris



The 4 pieces in this volume come from a cycle (including En forêt, Imagerie enfantine and Kaléidoscope) written for young harpists, particularly pupils at around grade level VII to VIII (equivalent to seven to eight years of study).

Obviously these levels are somewhat arbitrary, and two students working on the same grade will not necessarily be of the same ability.

From a technical point of view, these pieces are placed in progressive order. The composer has also made use of highly melodic phrases in order to encourage the pupil’s musicality while improving technique. It is technique after all that will enable the pupil to realise his or her musicianship.

For those playing a Celtic harp, the accidentals to be obtained by moving the levers with the left hand are given in brackets in the bass clef staff (although sometimes treble clef is used for the higher notes). The left hand is given sufficient pause in playing to move each lever without disturbing the flow of the music.

Benoît Wery (Translated by Mary Criswick)

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Sample Page