UM0021 Thirty Little Classics for the Harp

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Mildred Dilling

Thirty Little Classics
for the Harp

Contents: see "contents" below
Instrumentation: Lever or Pedal Harp
Level: Elementary - Intermediate
Format: 225 x 305mm Stapled Score
Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
ISBN: 1-59806-099-6
Edition/Year: 1938
Origin: USA
Our Ref: UM0021
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Also by Mildred Dilling


This treasured compilation of well-known Baroque and Classical pieces will bring back many memories for harpists whose first harp days were spent with this book, which continues to remain one of the most popular harp books for students. Many (but not all) of the pieces are easily played on or adaptable to the lever harp. It includes music by Bach, Wagner, Beethoven, Gluck, Couperin, Chopin, Mozart, Handel, Haydn, Mendelssohn, and more. Fingering and pedal markings included.


1. GAVOTTE from Iphegenia in Aulis - Chritstoph W von Gluck
2. MINUET in G minor - Jean Jacques Rousseau
4. STROLLING MUSICIANS (Musiciens ambulants) Op. 31,   No. 2 - Vladimir Rebikov
5. PAVANE (Style Renaissance) - Paul Wachs
6. MINUET in F - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
7. GAVOTTE GRACIFUSE  - Franz Joseph Haydn
8. ADESTE FIDELES - John Reading
9. MINUET in G - Johann Sebastian Bach
10. SOLDIERS' MARCH (Soldatenmarsch) Op. 68. No. 2 - Robert Schumann
11. MENUET D'EXAUDET - Joseph Exaudet
12. ALLEGRO - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
13 GLISSANDO WALTZ (La Tartine de Beurre) - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
14. SUCH CHIMING, MELODIOUS from The Magic Flute - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
15. ALLEGRETTO from the Seventh Symphony - Ludwig van Beethoven
16. DANCE OF THE BLESSED SPIRITS from Orpheus - Christoph W von Gluck
17. WALTZ, Op 9, No. 33 - Franz Schubert
18. ALLEGRETTO - Franz Joseph Haydn
19a. COUNTRY DANCE - Ludwig van Beethoven
19b. COUNTRY DANCE  - Ludwig van Beethoven
20. LES COUCOUS BENEVOLES - Francois Couperin
21. PRELUDE in A major, Op. 28, No7 - Frederic Chopin
22. MINUET in C - Johann Sebastian Bach
23. MUSETTE - Johann Sebastian Bach
24. CHORUS from Alceste - Christoph W von Gluck
25. LITTLE PRELUDE, No. 1 - Johann Sebastian Bach
26. WALTZ. Op. 39, No. 2 - Johannes Brahms
27. CORRENTE  - George Frederic Handel
28. BRIDAL CHORUS from Lohengrin - Richard Wagner
29. SONG TO THE EVENING STAR from Tannhauser - Richard Wagner
30. WEDDING MARCH from the music to Midsummer Nights Dream - Felix Mendelssohn

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