SM736: Harp Practice Planner

Harp Practice Planner
Hannah Haynes

Cover ImageDeveloped by Hannah Haynes to help her students set goals and bring structure to their harp studies so teacher and student can work together towards achieving those goals. Contains 34 lesson sets of her two page practice plan, the first part to be completed during each lesson and the second part for the student to complete at home while practicing for the next lesson.

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From the inner front cover:

Welcome to your harp practice planner.

It’s literally the start of a new book, so that’s a great time to re-evaluate your goals for your harp journey going forwards.

Here are a few questions you could ask yourself that could help you to decide on what harp goals might be right for you just now:

* What brought you to the harp in the first place?

* What does music mean to you in your life? What role does it play?

* If you’ve been playing for a while, why do you choose to continue to play the harp?

* What do you most enjoy about it?

* What values are most important to you personally in your life generally? (This could be things like honesty, kindness, freedom, creativity, diligence, a “have-a-go” attitude, enjoying setting yourself a challenge, or anything else at all). How can you infuse your music-making with these same values that you’ve identified as important to you?

* Is there anything you are aspiring to and working towards in terms of your own personal development (for instance, things like authenticity; playfulness; collaboration with others; resilience; self-compassion etc)? How does your musicmaking relate to all of that?

* Is there anything you would like to change in your harp journey, going forwards?

Remember, your goals are unique to you. It’s great if your goals align with your core values and aspirations of who you want to be as a person. Your goals could be anything at all, from working to learn a particular tune you love, to learning to show self-compassion towards yourself when you make mistakes, to joining an ensemble, to sharing your music in a community setting such as a hospital or care centre, to using the harp to keep your brain ticking over, or simply committing to playing lots of lovely tunes at home as a way of bringing more beauty and peace into your own life.

Score Information

Title: Harp Practice Planner
Composer: Hannah Haynes
Instrumentation: Pedal or Lever Harp
Level: Any Student
Format: A4 Wire Bound
ISBN: 9790570464272
Our Ref: SM0736
Publisher: Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: 2023
Origin: UK

Sample page from the book

Sample page