SM0682: The Stars Have Withdrawn Their Shining

The Stars Have Withdrawn Their Shining
for solo harp
Michael Stimpson
Edited Sioned Williams

Cover imageThe Stars Have Withdrawn Their Shining, is connected with the 19th century artist, critic, philosopher, and reformer, John Ruskin (1819-1900). The piece itself follows the form of a sonatina, three movements in all, but in reality it is more a reflection of Ruskin’s life than a musical structure. Throughout, there is a somewhat ethereal and even innocent quality, but this is counter-balanced by elements of trouble and conflict, much of which was found in his personal life. This is most evident in the second movement where a connection is made with Rose La Touche, a young girl with whom Ruskin fell deeply in love, a relationship which ultimately ended in tragedy.

The title is taken from a biblical reference seen in a late work of Ruskin, ‘The light shall be darkened in the heavens thereof, and the stars shall withdraw their shining’. During preparation of the piece, I soon became aware of Ruskin’s consciousness of the environment and his ecological thought, and with my own pessimism regarding environmental issues already firmly established, I felt it appropriate to amend the reference for this work.

Premiered by Sioned Williams at the Purcell Room on February 10th 2001.

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Library Information

Title: The Stars Have Withdrawn Their Shining
Composer/Arranger: Michael Stimpson (edited Sioned Williams)
Instrumentation: Solo pedal harp
Level: Advanced Level
Format: Stapled
Size: A4
Weight: 105gm
ISMN: 9790570463787
Our Ref: SM0682
Publisher: Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: May 2021
Origin: Wales, UK (EU)

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