SM0665: The Birds - A First Concert Suite

The Birds - A First Concert Suite
for any pedal harp, or any lever harp with 26 or more strings
Hannah Haynes

Cover Image1. A New Hatching (or Evangeline's Entrance)
2. The Birds of the Moorlands
3. The Migration
4. A Rooftop Ceilidh

This suite of pieces was inspired by the bird-life around my home in the Scottish Borders. "A New Hatching' (or "Evangeline's Entrance") is dedicated to my friends, Matthew and Lisa, to celebrate the new addition to their family. The four pieces can be performed individually or as a suite.

Hannah Haynes Scottish Borders, August 2020

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Score Information

Title: The Birds - A First Concert Suite
Composer: Hannah Haynes
Instrumentation: Pedal or Lever Harp (26 or more strings)
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Format: A4 Stapled Score
ISBN: 9790570463688
Our Ref: SM0665
Publisher: Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: First Edition 2020
Origin: UK

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