SM522: Elva by Tristan Le Govic

Tristan le Govic

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After DASSON UR GALON (2008) and AWEN (2009), ELVA is my third music book for the Celtic harp. Nordic music already found in the previous collection is much more present here: ten tunes among which four belong to the Scandinavian repertoire {Jag tanker sa titt, Stev, Som forr, Ack ack), four to the Celtic repertoire (Calum Sgaire, N'em eus ket nameit ur blank, Ton bale Elva, Gavotenn Pourlet) and two are my own compositions {Hosing the Flowers, Kibo no kodomotachi).

Whereas the first two albums were dedicated to the Celtic harp in solo, the tunes of the CD ELVA, with the exception of the two compositions mentioned above, have been arranged for voice and instruments. When the musical coherence is not affected by the extraction of the other instruments, the harp part of these tunes is here published as recorded with minor variations. Calum Sgaire and Ack ack have had few necessary adaptations in order to be performed solo ; only N'em eus ket nameit ur blank - in which the role of the harp part is essentially to accompany (outside the break) - has been reproduced with the vocal line to be performed also by one performer. It is clear that extracting an arrangement out of its context is never entirely satisfactory and that certain pieces would benefit from being accompanied by one or more instruments, or by a soft "lilting" as interpreted by the singer Lise Enochsson on the polska Som forr.

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Jag tanker sa titt
Hosing the Flowers
Calum Sgaire
N'em eus ket nameit ur blank
Som forr
Kibo no kodomotachi
Ton bale Elva
Gavotenn Pourlet
Ack, ack

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 All compositions and arrangements by:
Tristan Le Govic

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Library Information

Composer/Arranger: All compositions & arrangements - Tristan Le Govic
Instrumentation: Celtic Harp / Harp
Level: Advanced
Format: Stapled
Size: A4
Weight: 200gm
ISMN: 978-2-9548841-0-3
Our Ref: SM0522
Publisher: Luskadenn Publications
Edition/Year: First Edition 2014
Origin: France

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