SM0498: Cairn Water

Sheet Music for Harp
Cairn Water
Wendy Stewart

Cover ImageA selection of intermediate arrangements by Wendy Stewart aimed at the budding harpist. With helpful notes. Recordings of the tunes can be downloaded by request via contact on the rear cover of the book.



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Contents & Notes


1. Leaving Lismore (FàgaiI Liosmor)
2. Rose of St. Magnus
3. Fisherman’s song for attracting the seals (Maol Donaidh)
4. Kate Dairymple
5. Cradle Song
6. John McAlpine
7. Pier of Bowmore / Da Mirrie Boys o Greenland
8. Sleep till Day (Ca idil gu Là)
9. Monday Morning Reel
10.Shore of Loch Bea
11. Marni Swanson of the Grey Coast
12.Cairn Water

All pieces composed or trad. arranged by Wendy Stewart


Intermediate arrangements for budding harpers Welcome to my book of middling level tunes for harp. As in my earlier book Fires at Midnight, I suggest you listen to the accompanying CD at your leisure and absorb the music before trying to play. There are differing styles and chord types here plus some chord charts so feel free to make your own shapes and arrangement. I am very grateful to the composers Andy Thorburn, Phil Cunningham and Ivan Drever for letting me arrange their beautiful tunes. Do check out their own recordings and make more music! Wendy Stewart, Glencairn, Scotland.


There are performance notes at the end of the book

Sample page

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Library Information

Title: Cairn Water
Contents: See contents panel above
Composed / Arranged by: Wendy Stewart
Instrumentation: Lever Harp
Level: Intermediate
Format: A4 comb bound
Weight: 110gm
ISBN: --
Our Ref: SM0498
Publisher: Dextrous Harp Productions
Edition/Year: 2015
Origin: UK