SM0497: Fires at Midnight

Sheet Music for Harp
Fires at Midnight
Wendy Stewart

Cover ImageA selection of easy arrangements for early harpers arrangements by Wendy Stewart aimed at the new harpist. With helpful notes. Recordings of the tunes can be downloaded by request via contact on the rear cover of the book.


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Artist Profile and catalogue of works - Wendy Stewart

Contents & Notes


1. Dexter Day
2. Sleeping Maggie
3. Three Craws sat Upon a Wa’
4. Skye Boat Song
5. Rakes of Mallow
6/7. The Arran Boat Song
8. Coulter’s Candy
9. A Mhairead Og
10. Da Mirrie Boys o Greenland
11. Bheir mi O
12. In the Snow Where the Deers Are
13. Bridget Cruise
14/15. Fires at Midnight

All pieces composed or trad. arranged by Wendy Stewart


Welcome! Please listen to the accompanying CD as often as possible before you try to learn these tunes. This will let the shapes and patterns of the melodies and chords settle in your brain before you attempt the hard bit of transferring them to your own fingers. Take it slow and steady with building up the arrangements - perhaps a right hand first or chord pattern as I have done on the recording. Use the CD again to play along to or to accompany yourself - karaoke clarsach! With this selection of traditional and new pieces, l’ve used a range of styles and feel. I hope you find something you really like the sound of and will play for a long time to come. Wendy Stewart. Glencairn, Scotland.


There are performance notes at the end of the book

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Library Information

Title: Fires at Midnight
Contents: See contents panel above
Composed / Arranged by: Wendy Stewart
Instrumentation: Lever Harp
Level: Beginner
Format: A4 comb bound
Weight: 110gm
ISMN: --
Our Ref: SM0497
Publisher: Dextrous Harp Productions
Edition/Year: 2014
Origin: UK