SM438: Healing Harmony - Essence of Joy

Healing Harmony - Essence of Joy
Sharone Stevenson

Cover Image The “Healing Harmony - Essence of Joy” album has five inspirational pieces from Easy Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate. Included with her music is her original art and poetry that compliments the music. This music is for adults and children – Lever or Pedal Harp.

For lever harp pedal harp or piano

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Composer's Note

About my music

“Music is an art imbued with the power to penetrate into the
very depths of the soul, imbuing man with the love of virtue.” Plato.

Composers fall into different categories as their ideas flow from their minds on to paper. So, before you start to play my music, I want you to know a little more about me so that you understand the reason for my compositions.

My music is for quiet introspection. The world is full of noise and confusion, and we all long for a time or place where we can escape this, and now you can. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician, no matter what your age, here is music that can take you to that place of peace and tranquility.

When you have learned to play the notes slowly, and have memorized the music, still keep to a slow tempo. Check the metronome marking or follow the descriptive directions. None of my music is meant for speed. Learn to listen for the sound between each note. Hear it continuing on into space. Follow its sound before you play the next note. When you play it at the correct speed, continue to do this, and you will find that with your playing comes a feeling from within of peace and deep joy. This is the feeling that your music should convey to yourself or to an audience, whether it be one person or a large gathering. From a practical standpoint, this will improve your ability to concentrate on the moment. The hardest thing to do, and one that we should all learn, and that is controlling our thoughts and focusing on the moment.

My music is also excellent for children to play. It teaches them how to concentrate. Also it teaches them to put expression into their playing, right from the beginning. For example, the arpeggios in “Angel of the Dawn”, once learned, can become true expressions for the harp, as each note is different in sound as you slowly increase or decrease the sound value. It teaches them how to play the strings with sensitive fingers as they tune into their soul, letting their inner beauty flow out for all to hear.

To me, music is the mystery of the soul made manifest in musical melodies. The soul speaks not in words but in emotions, and my heart is asking to be heard by the ears of mankind. “Healing Harmony” is the title I have given to my music, art and poetry, for that is what I wish to give to mankind.

Sharone Stevenson

Library Information

Work Healing Harmony
Essence of Joy
Contents 1. Essence of Joy Key of C major and D sharp.
2. Fairy Footprints Key of C major and F major.
3. Angel of the Sky Key of F major and C major.
4. Angel of the Clouds Key of F major and C major.
5. Angel of the Dawn Key of C minor.
Composer: Sharone Stevenson
Instrumentation: Lever Harp, Pedal Harp or Piano
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Format: Score, Spiral bound
Size: US Letter
Weight: 130gm
ISMN: 979-0-9001418-6-6
Our Ref: SM438
Publisher: Radiant Artistry
Edition/Year: 2010
Origin: Canada

Sample Page & Poem

Sample of the music

Essence of Joy

Joy is like a prism
Caught in a shaft of light,
The colors reach in lengthy rays
From red to purest white.

Joy is like a gentle breeze,
Blowing in my face.
I close my eyes and breathe it in,
My heart it does embrace.

Joy is like a waterfall
Singing on its way.
It hits the rocks and bounces off,
What fun it is to play.

Joy is like a peace within,
A silence from above.
A heart that’s fill with gratitude,
A heart that’s filled with love.

Sharone Stevenson