SM396: Dialogue on historical wire for Gaelic harps

Dialogue on historical wire for Gaelic harps
between Daniel Tokar and Ann Heymann, edited and introduced by Simon Chadwick

Cover ImageThis book presents the results of a series of groundbreaking experiments by metalworker Daniel Tokar, and musician Ann Heymann. Their experimental results are presented in full, and their working methods and conclusions are laid out in the form of a dialogue. Illustrations include close-up SEM photos of some of the wires.

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Introduction & methodology

History of wire



Sterling silver
Queen Mary silver
Viking silver
Composite wire
Non-drawn wire
Wrought iron



TO THE READER, You have for a long time been asking about the many and varied experiments with the ancient harp wire, which was made by Daniel Tokar, the metaismith, and which Ann Heymann, the pioneer of the Gaelic harp revival, has been testing and using on her harps.

These experiments are unfinished; indeed, they continue to this day with yet more unusual and unique alloys and processes. But, as they say, "The half is more than the whole", and thus I have been prevailed upon to draw together some small account of the original experiments which were conducted soon after the smith and the harper first met, from 2005 to 2007. The nature of the collaboration carried out at a distance with parcels of metal and reports being exchanged,
encouraged me to present the experimenters' work near enough in their own words. And the eager enthusiasm of friends who have heard the hand-made wires in use, or who have some of these wires installed on their own harps, has led to the appearance now of this unusual little book.

I know that some of you seek to immerse yourselves in the lore and traditions of the old Gaelic music, while others amongst you love nothing more than to pore over charts and tables which lay before you the measurements and results of practical experiments. It ismy sincere hope that this dialogue will satisfy you all, and that you accept it with your customary goodwill.

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Title: Dialogue on historical wire for Gaelic harps
Format: Stapled
Size: A5
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Publisher: Early Gaelic Harp Info
Edition/Year: First Edition 2011
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