SM0311: Memories of Merchiston

Memories of Merchiston
Alyson Roberts

Cover ImageOriginal compositions for beginner lever harp ensemble by Alyson Roberts:

Sunrise over Merchiston - 3 harps
Ruth - 4 harps
Gentle Janet - 3 harps
Festival Fling - 3 harps

This set of four tunes was written for and is dedicated to Ruth, Janet and the Glasgow Branch of the Clarsach Society and I hope they have fun playing it. The music was inspired by a passing comment from Ruth at the 2011 Edinburgh International Harp Festival. The music was written with the left hand in mind and uses typical left hand patterns. These patterns are intended to be played by the left hand alone in order to improve left hand technique. Should, however, the left hand part prove too challenging, it can be divided over right and left hand. The music is written for harps tuned in Ab. If your harp is tuned in Eb and you do not wish to retune, the two pieces in Ab can be played in A major. The work was first performed at The Derbyshire Harp Festival by the Festival Ensemble in October 2011. My thanks go to the ensemble members for all their hard work and especially to Jane for her help and advice. As always, thanks go to my sister Carolyn for her constant encouragement and support. Happy Harping. Alyson Roberts

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Library Information

Title: Memories of Merchiston
Contents: Sunrise over Merchiston - 3 harps
Ruth - 4 harps
Gentle Janet - 3 harps
Festival Fling - 3 harps
Composer: Alyson Roberts
Instrumentation: Lever Harp
Level: Beginner
Included: Score & set of parts harps 1 - 4
Format: Stapled
Size: A4
Weight: 200gm
ISMN: M-57046-053-3
Our Ref: SM0311
Publisher: Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: First Edition February 2012
Origin: Wales, UK

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