SM0308: Musiques et Chants traditionnels des Balkans

Musiques et Chants traditionnels des Balkans
Traditional music and songs from the Balkans
for one or two Celtic Harps
arranged by Roxane Martin

Cover ImageTunes in the Book:

Traditional music and songs from the balkans (except 5)

1 Sarajevo divno mjesto (trad. bosniaque)
2 Sano, duso (trad. serbe)
3 Pomasko sirto (trad. macédonien) [duet]
4 Liliano Mome (trad. bulgare)
5 Nostalgie Balkanique (François Heim) [duet]
6 Gankino oro (trad. bulgare) [duet]
7 Jovano, jovanke (trad. macédonien) [duet]
8 Belasicko oro (trad. macédonien)
9 Ugurchinska retchenitsa (trad. bulgare)

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Performance Notes

1 Sarajevo divno rnjesto (Splendid Sarajevo) song from Bosnia in the sevdalinka style (often shortened to “sevdah” ), typical of the traditional music of Bosnia.The word comes from the Turkish and means”in amorous ecstasy”. It’s a style full of emotion, fervour and passion and is traditionally accompagned by the “saz” (a turkish stringed instrument).

2 Sano, duso (Sania,sweet heart) a love song from’the Vranje region of the south-east Serbia hence the name of the danse “vranjanka”.

3 Pomasko sirto (Pomasko’s dance) a dance tune from the “Pomasko”, islamic ethnic group living in the Rhodopes region of southern Bulgaria. According to legend, it was the birth-place of Orpheus.The group Dikanda have a song version of the dance, intitled “Giesango”.

4 Liliano Mome (my little Liii) traditional Macedonian dance ,called “ Lesnoto”. It’s the most typical of the Macedonian repertoire. It is performed in an open line or circle with the leader on the right, generally in a 7/8 rhythm.

5 Nostalgie Balkanique François Heim is a french accordionist and composer inspired by the music of Eastern Europe, and influences often felt in his compositions.

6 Gankino oro : a dance tune from the Shope area, near Sofia in Bulgaria - written in 11/8 or 11/16 (2+2+3+2+2 ). It’ a three mesure danse using the step structure also common in the dance “Liliano Mome “.

7 Jovano, jovanké (Jane, my little Jane): a traditional Macedonian dance called "lesnoto" “. There are numerous arrangements of this song and various versions of the words. ”Jovanké’ is the diminutif form of “Jovana”, means “Jane”.The Varda is the principal river of Macedonia and is often mention in Macedonian songs.

Score Information

Title: Musiques et Chants traditionnels des Balkans
Traditional music and songs from the Balkans
Composer: Trad, except Nostalgie Balkanique - François Heim
Arranger: Roxane Martin
Instrumentation: One / two lever harps
Level: Intermediate
Format: Stapled
Size: A4
ISBN: 978-2-9532877-0-7
Our Ref: SM0308
Publisher: Editions Musicalyre
Edition/Year: First Edition 2008
Origin: France

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