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Photo of Roxane MartinRoxane Martin plays harp since her childhood. She discovered the classical technique and pedal harp with Gwenaëlle Roussely, chamber music with Florence Lafitte and educated herself during a decade within a world in which she had access to the music only in written form, with precision, detail and complexity. Encounters with musicians from jazz and traditional music enable her to enter the world of improvisation and vocal music and she decides to use the harp to explore “her internal music”. In 2000 she conceives the group Anwynn : traditional ingredients to describe the very moment. She made four recordings of which the last, called "Est-Ouest", was produced in june 2010 in which she explores a repertoire rarely heard for this instrument, from kletzmer music to bulgarian dances. During 2006 she joins “Compagnie Balagan”, led by François Heim and works in the field of "néo traditional music". In 2011 she composed "Imaginales" for celtic harp, inspired by traditional repertoire she disassembles and assembles music in a balancing act of improvisation.

In parallel to this she graduated in « Medecine des Arts » specialised in the pathology of dysfunction related to the practice of the harp. In 2011, She has been invited at the 11th World harp congress in Vancouver (Canada). She realised the first epidemiological survey on harpists, and wrote in 2011 a thesis : " TENSION /RELAXATION : about the posture of the harpist in Western Europe". She proposes workshops all over Europe to prevent injuries and improve harpists performances.

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Entre Feuilles
et Racines
Est-Ouest Imaginales
Anwynn Anwynn
Roxane Martin
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3 Danses Bretonnes pour Harpe Celtique Vol. 1 Lever Harp
3 Danses Irlandaises pour Harpe Celtique Vol. 1 Lever Harp
3 Danses Klezmer pour Harpe Celtique Vol. 1 Lever Harp
Impressions Lever Harp
Neo Bal Folk Lever Harp
Traditional Music & Songs from the Balkans Lever Harp
Trois Melodies Ecossaises pour deux Harpes Celtiques Lever Harp