SM183: New Shoots - Old Roots

New Shoots - Old Roots
Monika Stadler

Cover Image: New shoots - Old Roots"New Shoots - Old Roots" combines many different types of music, from traditional to world and jazz. It will convince your audience of the lever harp's great capabilities, and the easy juxtaposition of genres also shows how much themselves can have in common.

I warmly welcome this inventive, open-hearted new collection, and wish you much joy exploring everything from a portrait of Scandinavia, to "Monika's Blues"!
Jakez Francois (Director of Camac)

You can play these compositions on a lever harp, an Austrian folkharp or a concert harp.

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Contents & Audio Samples

Tunes in the book

1. Tribute To O'Carolan
2. Dance Of The Sandpiper (Celtic harp)
3. Lammas Games
4. With All My Heart
5. Irish Whiskey
6. Beltane Dance/Maitanz
7. Scandinavia
8. Schön, dass es dich gibt
9. Downstream
10. Away For A While
11. Monika's Blues
12. Dance of The Sandpiper  (pedal harp)

The Tunes from this book have been recorded by Monika Stadler on her album New Shoots - New Roots - coming soon to Creighton's Collection.
Also the tunes detailed below have been recorded on other CDs by Monika Stadler as follows:

3, 4, 8, 12: Between Earth, Sea & Sky
5 : On the Water
7 : Everything will be all right

Composers Notes

New Shoots - Old Roots by Monika Stadler
Compositions for Celtic harp

Tribute to O'Carolan
Everybody thinking of traditional Irish harp music immediately thinks of O'Carolan, the famous harpist and national composer of Ireland who had become blind at the age of 18. More than 200 compositions of his survive; they appear to have been very heavily influenced both by traditional Irish music and by European courtly baroque music.

Dance of the Sandpiper
Towards the end of my tour of Scotland in 2006, while enjoying a walk along the beach in Nairn, the very lively, fast-moving wading birds - the sandpipers - inspired me to write this dance. The basic idea for this dance came back in Scotland while playing on a very small medieval harp built by Bill Taylor. Back in Austria I enlarged this idea until it became a finished, self-sufficient dance. As this complete version can not be played on a celtic harp I here include two versions - a short version with the core motive for the Celtic harp and the long, complete version for folk or concert harp.

Lammas games
As its Anglo-Saxon name "halfmaesse" (loaves festival) implies, this festival at the beginning of August is an agrarian based feast of giving thanks for bread and grain. It symbolises the first fruits of the harvest and celebrates the wealth and abundance of the land, nature and community. I was improvising on a little Celtic harp under trees at the place where the ritual at the lammas festival took place. The composition grew out of this.

With all my heart
I spent an agreeadle holiday at a 500 year old alpine farm near Filzmoos (a very beautiful village in the Austrian Alps) in a holiday home with a balcony. Playing my "little harp" on the balcony, totally relaxed, I thought of my beloved. From this mood came "With all my heart".

Irish Whiskey
This is an arrangement of the famous Irish "The chanter's tune", originally written for the bagpipes.

Beltane Dance / Maitanz
beltane is a Celtic word and means "the fires of Bel" (bel was a celtic deity). It is a fire festival at the end of April / beginning of May, exactly between spring and summer and celebrates the coming of summer and the fertility of the coming year.

One of the works commissioned by the Brucknerhaus, Linz, Upper Austria, for the "Nordlicht" project. Together with two other musicians we performed under the motto "Finland". With the initial atmosphere of "coming out of nothing" I wanted to musically portray the solitude of the North and a certain feeling of melancholy.

Schön, dass es dich gibt (Good that you're there)
Originally I wrote this composition for my sister's wedding. As part of the ceremony took place outside and I couldn't take the concert harp along to this location I composed this piece on the celtic harp. Thus, I was able to play the piece during the ceremony between plants and trees. Later, I added a middle section to this original piece on the concert harp.

Walking throught a green landscape along a warbling brook, sometimes looking up into the sky.

Away for a while
Who does not wish sometimes to be away for a while - e.g. to leave on a short holiday when everyday life becomes too monotonous or exhausting?

Monika's Blues
In spring of 2005 I was invited to play a concert in November, 2005 at the festival "Plucked Strings" in Rabat, Morocco. The only problem was that no concert harp was to be found in all of Morocco. In order to be able to play a varied programme and to show the audience the musical richness of the harp I composed, among other pieces, Monika's Blues.

The information about fingerings and the glossary of symbols from the book are not reproduced on this web page.

Library Information

Title: New Shoots - Old Roots
Composer/Arranger: Monika Stadler
Instrumentation: Celtic (lever) Harp
Level: Intermediate Level
Format: Stapled
Size: A4 oversize
Total Pages: 56
Weight: 235gm
ISMN: M-979-0-012-19892-5
Our Ref: SM183
Publisher: Doblinger
Edition/Year: 2009
Origin: Austria (EU)

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