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SM0146: The Gurls Guide to Amplification

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The Gurls Guide to Amplification
Deborah Henson-Conant

The Gurls Guide to Amplification for the "Gurl" in Everyone. Ever get tangled up in wires trying to set up a simple sound system? Ever wondered how it all works? Or how come it doesn't? The "Gurl's Guide" explains it in plain English, with lots of Deborah's drawings to show you how it all fits together. Special instructions for harp players, but useful to EVERYONE!

Please note that this book has been discontined - See 2nd edition of this book

Deborah Henson-Conant profile page with index of recordings and compositions


Table of Contents
5 Why Amplify?
  Mad Mr. Mic
6 Coming to terms with Amplification
  Sound Equipment Pop Quiz
True or False
Whose equipment is at fault?
7 The Zen and the art of Sound Systems
8 Some Amplification terms (Glossary)
13 Getting started on your own “sound system”
14 How to make the connections
  The Guitar Cord
The Mic Cable
15 The basic guitar amp
16 Building your “system” from the ground up
  A Basic Sound System
Switching to a Transducer
Adding a Pre-amp
17 A More Complex Sound System (a 4-channel Board, Amplifier, Effects & Speakers)
18 Amplification & Effects
  Adding an “effects unit” to your sound system
19 How to install a pickup (transducer) on your harp
20 Recording an Acoustic Harp
21 Electric Harp versus Acoustic Harps with Pickups
  A special note about working with sound engineers
22 Sound Check: What to do during Sound Check
23 Sound Check: The Set List
24 Sound Check: Monitor Sound, House Sound & Signals for Engineers
25 Sound Check: Technical Riders
28 Sound Check: Backup Sound Supplies
29 Gurl’s Guidelines for buying equipment
30 The equipment I use myself
31 Notes on own harps & how I amplify them
32 Electric harps
34 Body harps
35 Troubleshooting some common sound problems
39 Frequently Asked Questions

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Library Information

Title The Gurls Guide to Amplification
Composer Deborah Henson-Conant
Subject: Amplification of the harp, but also applicable to other instruments
Printed Parts: US Letter - stapled
Pages: 38
Weight: 120g
Our Ref: SM0146
Publisher: Golden Cage
Edition/Year: First edition 1997 (reprint 2004)
Origin: USA