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SM0264: The Gurls Guide to Amplification - 2nd Edition (2010)

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The Gurls Guide to Amplification - Second Edition
Deborah Henson-Conant

A Fun How-To Guide to Amplification for Beginners with a special focus on amplifying harps for the "Gurl" in Everyone. Ever get tangled up in wires trying to set up a simple sound system? Ever wondered how it all works? Or how come it doesn't? The "Gurl's Guide" explains it in plain English, with lots of Deborah's drawings to show you how it all fits together. Special instructions for harp players, but useful to EVERYONE!

New in the second edition:

  • Over 100 pages packed with information, illustrations & stories of amplification gone bad - and good!
  • Organized better to get you started more quickly!
  • New reference section including Deborah's own checklists, tech riders and stage diagrams!
  • Still with all the plain-speak, humor, and down-to-earth basics of the first edition!


Please note that this book has been discontined as a printed item

A digital version can be purchased as a download from Deborah Henson Conant


Deborah Henson-Conant profile page with index of recordings and compositions


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Library Information

Title The Gurls Guide to Amplification
Second Edition
Composer Deborah Henson-Conant
Subject: Amplification of the harp, but also applicable to other instruments
Printed Parts: US Letter - stapled
Pages: 106
Weight: 268g
Our Ref: SM0264
Publisher: Golden Cage
Edition/Year: Second Edition 2010
Origin: USA