SM026: Standing Wave

Standing Wave
Wendy Stewart

Cover ImageA selection of composed / traditional Scottish arrangements by Wendy Stewart aimed at the intermediate harpist, with helpful notes and a separate CD "Standing Waves" is available to help those who find learning by ear just that bit easier with some dots to go on!


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Contents, Notes & Credits

Cairn Water
Cairn Water (melody & chords)
Fires at Midnight
Annan Polka
Cumha airson Ceannard Chlann’ ic Uilleam (Lament for Fraser of Foyers)
Chrodh Chailean (Colin’s Kine)
All Things are Quite Silent (with lyrics)
Markellie Waltz
Taigh lain Ghrot (John O’Groat’s House)
Brown’s Reel
Dr. Arthur’s Second Hand Rant
Pipe Major Donald Maclean of Lewis
Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston
Ho rò mo bhoban an dràm (The favourite dram)
Now Draw up Close and hear my song (with lyrics)
Jean Stewart of Moniaive
Tolsta Solstice
Notes/performance notes

All pieces composed or trad. arranged by Wendy Stewart


The title of this book and its accompanying CD (Greentrax 242, supplied separately) refers to the harp both in the curve of its top wood and the vibration of its strings. The many shapes and designs of traditional harp around today show how fluid this form is, still changing, still evolving, and a group of these harps together will present a wonderfully wave-like image.

As for seeing the sound - place your harp in front of a switched on television screen, pluck any bass string and view the undulations of the note, a standing wave created along its length.

Some notes about the notes are in order as this collection is intended to be used in tandem with the recording to aid those who find learning by ear just that bit easier with some dots to go on.

Over many years of writing out arrangements, I have developed certain idiosyncrasies with written note values in the left hand (logical solutions in my eyes). I tend to use less tied notes for syncopated accompaniment unless across bar lines.

Not all the arrangements are written out in full. Sometimes I give chord symbols along with examples of appropriate shapes and timings. It is good to create your own piece within some set boundaries.

Feel free to add more decoration in the style of the piece as long as you can keep the rhythm and correct stress of the melody notes going. Damping is usually denoted by the appropriate symbol plus rest. Copious fingering helps I hope!

The real feel, interpretation and subtlety of the music cannot be written. It must be heard, so please listen many times over to a piece before learning and playing along with it.

Happy Harping.........


Thanks to Andy Homby for design and illustrations, Karen Marshalsay for the music setting, Angus Macmillan, Tom Pow, and Hazel Goodsir Smith
for the inspirational poems. Christine Martin and lan Green for the help and of course, to all my students from whom I learn so much ....

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Library Information

Title: Standing Wave
Contents: See contents panel above
Composed / Arranged by: Wendy Stewart
Instrumentation: Lever Harp
Level: Intermediate
Format: A4 comb bound
Weight: 100gm
ISBN: 1 871931 478
Our Ref: SM0026
Publisher: Cairn Water Music
Edition/Year: 2003
Origin: UK