SM001: From My Music Stand

From My Music Stand by Cynthia Cathcart

Cover ImageArrangements for the Wire Strung Harp

Nineteen Delightful Arrangements of Scottish and Irish Tunes for the wire strung harp of Ireland and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

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New 2014 EU Edition printed and distributed by Creighton's Collection


From My Music Stand
Arrangements for Wire Strung Harp
Selected and arranged by Cynthia Cathcart

Nineteen Delightful Arrangements of Scottish and Irish Tunes for the wire strung harp of Ireland and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

This repertoire book comprises arrangements primarily for the wire strung harp, or any long-ringing harp. The book assumes that the harper understands damping and ringing concepts. The arrangements span the spectrum from late beginner to advanced. All the arrangements have been performed publicly by Cynthia Cathcart. Some tunes are set so that they will fit on a harp with a range extending down to the G below middle C. Others require a range extending to the second G below middle C. No levers or retuning is necessary to perform the arrangements in this book.

Performance notes are included for each arrangement. Some histories, lyrics, and a bibliography are given.


Introduction & Technical Guide

Mist Covered Mountains

They Stole My Wife Last Night

The Seaforth Highlanders


The Bedding of the Bride

Off She Goes

An Elegy on Rob Roy Macgregor

New Claret

Brian Boru’s March

The Banks of Lochiel

The Top of Ben Lomond

Mrs. Crawford of Donside

The Banks o’ Clyde

I Love My Jean

Sheebeg and Sheemore

Edward Corcoran

Blair Athole

Lachlann Dubh

The Chanter’s Tune

Nearly all of the tunes in the book From My Music Stand are on the recording Alchemy of a Rose. Most are in the same arrangements as in the book.

Score Information

Title: From my music stand
Composer/Arranger: Cynthia Cathcart
Instrumentation: Wire Strung / Lever Harp
Level: Late Beginner to Advanced
Format: Wire bound
Size: US Letter
Total Pages in covers: 50
ISMN: 979-0-57046-120-2
Our Ref: SM001
Publisher: Highland Circle Publishing, USA
EU Printer & Distributor: Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: European Edition 2014
Origin: UK

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E-mails from purchasers

"You have published a splendid book of wire harp arrangements. I'm so glad to get my copy!"

"I played harp at our local Highland Games in the ensemble division with my husband. For our air, we used your Banks of Lochiel arrangement as a basis. My husband played low D whistle and I think it came out nicely. We traded off playing the melody and accompanying each other. I love your arrangement and expanded my wire harp skills learning it. It is a great tearjerker piece. I am looking forward to playing more of your arrangements. Please keep publishing them."

"I love the information you gave for each song! It is so nice to have you point out the tricky parts, or draw my attention to different ways to really interpret the songs. You have made them more than just tunes on a page. And the little history you give for some of them makes them so much more interesting to play. Lots of times people ask me about the songs I play and it's great to know something to say."

"All of the pieces from 'Music Stand' are excellent. Looking through the book, it seems the pieces in From My Music Stand are more advanced, which I prefer."

"I have to say, I'm gaining much more appreciation for Cynthia's style of notating wire harp music. I didn't realize how much is actually implied in your fingering notation--that you don't need to notate every single finger for every note."

"I've only briefly sampled the material in From My Music Stand, but it's clearly eloquent and expertly arranged. The first piece, "Mist Covered Mountains," is a gem: simple yet evocative."

"I'm excited by Cynthia's bagpipe adaptations. I play the smallpipes, and have been wondering for a long time how to adapt pipe scores for clarsach.The notion of G Major tuning is brilliant."