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Sheet Music due to be added

Sheet Music coming soon:

Harp Sheet Music (Printed & distributed by or published by Creighton's Collection)

Solo Harp - New Publications Summer 2024
John Thomas - New editions in preparation (Adlais Music Publishers)
Bonnie Shaljean - New editions & addition of extra lever harp versions to some existing editions
Savourna Stevenson - New & republished compositions

Harp Ensemble - New Publications Summer 2024
Stephen Dunstone - New & revised works for various sized harp ensembles

Harp Sheet Music (published by others)

We have some 350+ new titles about to be added

CDs about to be added

CDs coming soon:

Harp CDs - all in stock and waiting to be added to site:-

Scottish Harps by Wendy Stewart
ist by Lodi
The Queen's Harp by Tom Daun
O'Carolan's Dream by Tom Daun
On a Winter's Day by Tom Daun
Harpe Corps by Francois Pernel
Lewis Harp by Lewis Harp Group
Love and Reason by Macmaster / Hay
Arpa y Guitarra by Martin Portillo
Martin Portillo by Martin Portillo
Nanduti de mi Tierra by Martin Portillo
Ballades Paraguayennes by Ismael Ledesma
Intimidad by Ismael Ledesma
Ombre & Lumiere by Annie Challan
Harpe Vagabonde by Annie Challan
The Three Sisters by Joanne McIver & Christophe Sauniere
Y Glerorfa by Cerddorfa Werin Cymru
Bling by Calan
Palomita Viajera by Jopie Jonkers
Farewell to Lough Neaghe by Bonnie Shaljean
Ferenc Farkas Music with Harp by Melinda Felletar
Entre dos mundos by Zoraida Avila
Senderos by Zoraida Avila
Harmony & Contrasts by Ilona Nokelainen
The Soul of a Harp by Ilona Nokelainen
Velvet by Anne Roos
Blue Jeans by Anne Roos

Naxos / Hyperion titles featuring harp

A1015-CD: SPOHR: Music for Violin & Harp Vol 1 by SPOHR, Louis
A1016-CD: SPOHR: Music for Violin & Harp Vol 2 by SPOHR, Louis
A1017-CD: RODRIGO: Harp Music by RODRIGO, Joaquin
A1019-CD: Mozart: Flute Concertos by MOZART
A1022-CD: Britten: Sinfonia da Requiem by BRITTEN Benjamin
A1023-CD: Britten: Canticles 1-4 by BRITTEN Benjamin
A1024-CD: Gaubert: Complete works for flute Vol 1 by GAUBERT
A1025-CD: Reineckle: Harp Concerto - Flute Concerto by REINECKE, Carl
A1027-CD: Piston: Sympony No 4 by PISTON, Walter
A1028-CD: Hanson: Organ Concerto by HANSON, Howard
A1029-CD: Locklair: Symphony of Seasons by LOCKLAIR, Dan
A1030-CD: Tansman: Chamber Music with Clarinet by TANSMAN
A1032-CD: Flute Music of the 16th & 17th Centuries by Various
A1036-CD: The Harp of Luduvico by Andrew Lawrence-King
A1037-CD: Harp Music of the Italian Renaissance by Andrew Lawrence-King
A1038-CD: A Ceremony of carols by Choir of Westminster Cathedral
A1039-CD: This I have done for my true love by Holst Singers
A1040-CD: Music of the Portuguese Renaissance by Pro Cantione Antiqua
A1041-CD: Rare Transcriptions for violin and Piano with Catherine Beynon (harp)
A1042-CD: Mozart: Works for Flute and Harp by Sharon Bezaly, Julie Palloc
A1044-CD: Willow-Wood by Royal Liverpool Philarmonic Choir & Orchestra
A1045-CD: The Service of Venus & Mars by Andrew Lawrence King

Egan Records

A1250-CD: Concertos for two harps & orchestra by Catherine Michel & xavier De Maistre
A1251-CD: Latin Fire by Maria Luisa Rayan
A1252-CD: Alexandra Trostiansky & Anna Verholantseva by Alexandra Trostiansky & Anna Verholantseva
A1253-CD: The Nightingale by Dan Yu
A1254-CD: The Russian Masters by Natalia Shameyva
A1255-CD: Anneleen Lenaerts by Anneleen Lenaerts
A1256-CD: Harp Recital (Geliot) by Martine Geliot
A1257-CD: Harp Recital (Belmondo) by Letizia Belmondo
A1258-CD: The Music of Marcel Tournier by Elisabeth Fontan-Binoche
A1259-CD: Diversement a la francaise by Emmanuel Ceysson
A1260-CD: Transcendental Performance by Alberto Salvi
A1261-CD: Harp Recital (Finch) by Catrin Finch
A1262-CD: Harp Recital (Langlamet) by Marie-Pierre Langlamet
A1263-CD: Elizabeth Hainen by Elizabeth Hainen
A1264-CD: Gwyneth Wentink by Gwyneth Wentink
A1265-CD: Vavara Ivanova by Vavara Ivanova
A1266-CD: Concertos for Harp & Orchestra by Letizia Belmondo
A1267-CD: The Essential Harp by Sarah Bullen


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