CD A0350: Seeds to the Wind

Seeds to the Wind

CD coverTraditional song and instrumental group featuring Gary West (bagpipes), Davy Steele (vocals, guitar) and Wendy Stewart (harp).

'They must be the envy of many better known bands.' (The Scotsman)

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Track Listing & Audio Samples

Seeds to the Wind

1.  Mazurka Set
a:  Mazurka Du Morvan
b:  Hip Hip Bouree
c:  Ian Green's Appendix

2.  Senorita Ana Rocio
     Seeds To The Wind

3.  The Coupit Yowe Set
a:  Alan MacPherson of Mosspark
b:  Duncan The Gauger
c:  The Coupit Yowe
d:  The Lady In The Bottle

4.  Glenlivet

5.  A' The Airts

6.  Here's A Health Tae the Sauters
     Cajun Two-Step

7.  Johnnie Cope

8.  Galician Set

9.  See The People Run

10. Lord Galloway's Lamentation

CD Notes

CD Sleeve Notes

Mazurka Set
a: Mazurka Du Morvan
b: Hip Hip Bouree
c: Ian Green's Appendix
The 'Mazurka Du Morvan' is a traditional French dance tune Wendy learnt from the late Pete Yates, who was a fine hurdy-gurdy player. The arrangement has definite South American influence.

Senorita Ana Rocio
Seeda To The Wind
Inspiration for this song came from Colin, whose family originated in Braes, on the Island of Skye (some still live there). A battle was fought there by men and women who did not want to leave, but were in the end physically made to go by both police and militia. The irksome factor is that the person instructing the police and militia was the clan chief Ronald McDonald.
An interesting point is that it was the women who really gave the police and militia a hard time. The men still held their chief in awe and couldn't believe he was behind it at all.

The Coupit Yowe Set
a: Alan MacPherson of Mosspark
b: Duncan The Gauger
c: The Lady In The Bottle


A' The Airts
A song by Robert Burns is all that needs to be said.

Her's A Health Tae The Sauters Cajun Two-Step
Saltwater gathering in Prestonpans on the Firth of Forth went through a variety of stages. One belief early on was that the further out a person went into the Forth the higher the salt content in the water. Hence verse 2 talks about the character Puddock Wull(a real person) being a good swimmer and therefore able to fetch the buckets back from further out. Salt was taxed and therefore salt smuggling rife, but the smugglers usually sold it cheaply in Edinburgh, and usually spread some free around the locals.

Johnnie Cope
The words (as nearly as possible) and the tune (also as nearly as possible) are from Jimmy Waddell singer and yodeller of renown in Prestonpans. I've never really liked the 'bel-it-out' version of this song,nor the smug 'Didn't we gub them' feeling that seemed to be about when singing it, especially in my hometown. Sad as it may be, but had 'we' been alive then, we would probably have been fighting for Colonel Gardiner's regiment on the side of 'Johnnie Cope', so in the end who 'gubbed' who? Davy

Galician Set
Four traditional Galician tunes given to us by Xorimea.

See The People Run
All internal/ civil disputes when ending in conflict are in general about power and how to prevent the masses from obtaining any. This is done by training a few of the masses to subdue the rest.
The song is one of hope.

Lord Galloway's Lamentation
From Donal O'Sullivan's book on Carolan. This tune is most likely an ironical reference to the Williamite Lord Galway who was totally defeated at the Battle of Almanza in 1707.

CD Credits

CD Credits

Peter Boond - flute,cittern, whistles and backing vocals
Colin Matheson - keyboards, synthesisers and backing vocals
Davy Steele - guitar, bouzouki and lead vocals
Wendy Stewart - clarsach, concertina and backing vocals
Gary West - Great Highland war pipe, whistles, kabassa and backing vocals.

Ian McQueen - percussion
Roy Ashby - additional percussion
Dick Gaughan-mid-production

Recorded at Hart Street Studios, Edinburgh
Engineer - Roy Ashby
Produced by Dick Gaughan
Mixed by Dick Gaughan and Roy Ashby
Sleeve designed by Dr Le Kroeg
Cover painting by Karen Tweed

The Band would like to thank the following:

Mrs Jean Stewart, Wendy M. West, Adie Bolton, Alan James, Patsy Seddon, Fiona Pipeline, John Wetherby & Jane & John Barrow, Toni & Shawm, Czaba & Beanz & Diane.


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Album Information

Title: Seeds to the Wind
Artist: Ceolbeg
Genre: Traditional / Scottish
Format: CD
Our Ref: A0350
Label: Greentrax Recording Ltd
Year: 1991
Origin: Scotland (EU)