UM1393 A Circle of Harps

A Circle of Harps
Nancy Hurrell

Cover imageA collection of gems -- some familiar and some are unusual, all are traditional tunes from Britain. The solos are superb and the ensemble arrangements are awesome. This book can be utilized by players of beginning to intermediate level. Keys of C, G or D. Solos: Short-Coated Mary, Fear a'Bhata (The Boatman), Loch Earn, The Skylark, The Electric Jig (by Robin Ellis), and Munro's Rant. Duet: Rosin the Beau (an exquisite arrangement). Trios: Oran Sniomhaidh (Spinning Song), Braigh Loch Iall (Braes of Locheil), Picking of Sticks/Cuckolds All in a Row, Be Thou My Vision, Dargason, and June Apple.

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It's been wonderful to hear from harp groups who have enjoyed playing from The Harpers Play Book. In A Circle of Harps I continue to explore the possibilities of three part arrangements for harp ensembles. I believe all parts can be interesting to play whatever the skill level. In these multi-level arrangements the simplest part is fundamental to the piece, just as important as the more difficult parts. I hope this book enables groups of players of all ages to expand their repertoire and enjoy making music together.
I dedicate this book to harp circles everywhere! -- Nancy Hurrell 2002

Short-Coated Mary
Fear a 'Bhata, The Boatman
Loch Earn
The Skylark
The Electric Jig
Munro's Rant

Ensemble Arrangements

Rosin the Beau

Three Part Ensembles:
Oran Sniomhaidh, Spinning Song
Braigh Loch Iall, Braes of Locheil
Picking of Sticks / Cuckolds All In A Row
Be Thou My Vision
June Apple

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Library Information

Title: A Circle of Harps
Composer: Nancy Hurrell
Contents: See Contents above
Instrumentation: Lever or Pedal Harp
Level: Intermediate
Format: US letter Spiral Bound
ISMN: --
Publisher: Afghan Press Music for Harp
Edition/Year: 2002
Origin: USA
Our Ref: UM1393