UM1366 Sonate in D Major

Sonate in D Major
for Mandolin and Harp
Michel Corrette 1709-1795

Cover imageThis Sonata is also known as Les Jeux Olympiques.

Performance notes: This Sonata sits very comfortably on both mandolin and harp. If a harp is not available it would be possible to play this on mandolin and piano instead. The biggest challenge on plucked instruments is creating smooth and effective ornaments and trills. Try and make them as neat and simple as possible and in the case of grace notes place them on or as closer to the beat as is possible. In the outer two movements make the music sound sprightly. In the Aria it is important to create a graceful and elegant sound whilst keeping the piece moving forward, but never sounding rushed. This is a very rewarding piece to play as a duo since both instruments have constantly changing lines. Try and be aware of the intertwining lines between the two instruments and of each other’s parts.


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Corrette was a French composer and most noted as an author of method books. The nearly twenty methods (for instruments including the violin, cello, bass, flute, recorder, bassoon, harpsichord, harp, and mandolin) provide invaluable information on performance practice of the 18th century; among the topics treated are contemporary English music, the differences between French and Italian styles, and the art of accompanying song at the harpsichord. Indeed Corrette’s Method (Paris 1772) for mandolin is one of the most enlightening and thorough of many written during that period.

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Library Information

Title: Sonate in D Major
Composer: Michel Corrette (Ed. Alison Stephens)
Contents: 10 minute duet
Instrumentation: Mandolin & Harp
Level: Intermediate
Format: A4 stapled
ISBN: 979 0 57031 039 0
Publisher: Astute Music
Edition/Year: 2006
Origin: UK
Our Ref: UM1366