UM1280: A Collection of 17 sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti

Cover image A Collection of 17 sonatas
by Domenico Scarlatti
Edited for harp by Susann McDonald & Linda Wood Rollo
Contents: 17 Solos for Harp
Instrumentation: Pedal Harp
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Format: US Letter wire-bound book
ISMN: --
Publisher: MusicWorks - Harp Editions
Edition/Year: 2011
Origin: USA
Our Ref: UM1280

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Introduction & Contents

A Collection of 17 sonatas
by Domenico Scarlatti
Edited for harp by Susann McDonald & Linda Wood Rollo


Scarlatti did not suggest many specific guidelines for the interpretation of his works, leaving considerable latitude in the performance of his ornamentation. One can be guided by 18th century performance practices, usually beginning on the upper note, but consideration should also be given to the left hand notes of the harmony, whether consonant or dissonant with the principal notes of the ornaments. In this edition, we have tried to write out most of the ornaments to assist students. In many cases, it is assumed that some trills maybe played rather freely, beginning slower and ending more rapidly, for example, those in K9.

While we have indicated suggested fingerings, harpists should feel free to adapt them to their own technical facility and comfort. It is beneficial to listen to keyboard recordings to gain an understanding of the spirit of each sonata. In many cases the harp lends itself to performing
these sonatas at slightly slower tempi than keyboard renditions in order for each string to speak clearly.

Very few dynamic markings have been noted. There are many possible variants of colour, contrast, register and harmonies that each performer may wish to incorporate according to their musical ideas and sensitivities. For example, in many instances it may be appropriate to echo a repeated pattern or to play some passages lower on the strings, pdlt.

We wish to thank Elisabeth Wright, Professor of Harpsichord and Early Music in the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University for her invaluable advice and expertise, as well as her scholarly notes at the end of the book. We hope that harpists will enjoy playing these sonatas and will include the genius of Scarlatti as an important addition to their concert repertoire.

17 Sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti
Edited for Harp by Susann McDonald and Linda Wood Rollo

Table of Contents
Sonata in D Minor, K.9
Sonata in C Minor, K.11
Sonata in G Major, K.14
Sonata in E Major, K.24
Sonata in F Major, K.44
Sonata in D Minor, K.64
Sonata in F Major, K.78
Sonata in A Major, K.113
Sonata in E Minor, K.198
Sonata in C Major, K.199
Sonata in A Major, K.208
Sonata in A Major, K.209
Sonata in E Major, K.380
Sonata in G Minor, K.426
Sonata in F Minor, K.466
Sonata in C Major, K.513
Sonata in E Major, K.531
Notes about Domenico Scarlatti and his Sonatas
Notes on Ornamentation
Suggested Reading
Conversion Chart of Kirkpatrick (K) to Longo (L)

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