UM1262: Harp Olympics - Stage Three

Cover image Harp Olympics
Stage III

Susann McDonald & Linda Wood Rollo
Contents: Method for Harp with Solo Tunes
Instrumentation: Harp
Level: Beginner Plus / Intermediate
Format: 8.5" x 11" wire-bound book
ISMN: --
Publisher: MusicWorks - Harp Editions
Edition/Year: 1999
Origin: USA
Our Ref: UM1262

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Introduction & Contents

Harp Olympics - Stage III


Introduction to Harp Olympics - Stage III

This book is designed for the student who has completed the material in Harp Olympics, Stage II. It is recommended that the "Marathon" exercises from Stage II be played every day as a review until no longer necessary.

Please refer to the "Introductory Notes" in Stage I for an overview of the Harp Olympics series.

Stage III includes more technical studies than the previous volumes, and the student should expect to stay with this book a little longer in order to be comfortable with all the "Workouts". The solos included are not required but offered as a supplement to other existing material. Students are encouraged to keep up with the "Games and Drills" and to play the exercises in new and different keys as often as possible.

Susann McDonald Linda Wood Rollo


Introduction to Harp Olympics
The Harp Doctor


I. Work Outs
A. Four - Finger Warm Ups, Warm Ups
B. Balance Beams - Interval Review, Advanced Balance Beams
C. Four - Finger Chords
D. Advanced Cartwheels Preparation, Advanced Cartwheels, Four - Finger Pivots
E. Four - Finger Arpeggios
F. Advanced Sliding
G. Glissando Review
H. Pedal Exercises
I. Muffles
J. Advanced Harmonics
K. Arpeggio Cross - Unders
L. Rapid Connections and Late Placing
M. Mixed Relays
N. Scales
O. One - Handed Trill Study

Games and Drills

Signs and Symbols
Sign and Symbol Review
Circle of Fifths - Key Signatures
Writing Major Key Signatures
Inversion of Triads
More Triad Inversions
Major and Minor Thirds
Major and Minor Triads
Primary Chord Progressions
I. Relative Minor Scales
II. Minor Scales
Sight - Reading

Stage III Solos

In the Month of May
Petite Berceuse
II pleut, il pleut, Bergere
Cradle Song
The Carousel
Humming Song
The Song of the Heart
March of the Soldier Boy
Shepherd's Dance
Silent Night

Stage III Marathon

I. Work Outs
1. Four - Finger Arpeggios
2. Four - Finger Chords
3. Scales and Slides
4. Muffles
5. Two - Handed Arpeggio
II. Games & Drills
III. Solo Rounds

Harp Olympics Certificate - Stage III


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