UM1258: Harp for Today - A Universal Method for the Harp

Cover image Harp for Today
A Universal Method for the Harp

Susann McDonald & Linda Wood Rollo
Contents: Method for Harp
Instrumentation: Harp
Level: Progressive
Format: 8.5" x 11" wire-bound book
ISMN: --
Publisher: MusicWorks - Harp Editions
Edition/Year: 2008
Origin: USA
Our Ref: UM1258

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Preface & Contents


Harp for Today is a comprehensive harp method. The book includes the fundamentals of harp technique, many progressive exercises and helpful supplementary advice. Each technique is explained succinctly and simply, with accompanying photos and suggestions to aid in correct execution.

After publishing our five-volume Harp Olympics for children, many teachers requested that we write a method book geared toward adults and teenagers. In our experience as teachers, we, too, have felt a need for this kind of practical instruction book, which introduces and clearly explains fundamental harp techniques and then, through the use of additional exercises, develops facility.

We also seek to encourage and inspire fine young professional harpists in the "Supplementary Advice" chapter, which includes such topics as: Artistic Performance; Preparation for Concerts, Competitions and Auditions; Memorization; Gestures; Dynamics; Tone Quality; Chords; Program Planning; Suggestions for Effective Practice and Career Considerations.

It is our hope that Harp for Today will enable many to realize their dream of playing the harp.

Susann McDonald Linda Wood Rollo


Table of Contents

General Information

The Pedal Harp
The Lever Harp
The Range of the Harp
Tuning the Harp
Replacing the Strings

Basic Techniques

Position at the Harp and Beginning Finger Exercises
Intervals (2nds, 3rds, 4ths and 5ths)
Triads, Three-Finger Chords, Arpeggios and Inversions
Intervals (6ths, 7ths and Octaves)
Interval Review and Supplementary Exercises
Pedal Technique and Exercises
The Glissando
Three-Finger Connections
Scale Preparation and Scales
Scale Exercises
Four-Finger Arpeggios
Four-Finger Chords
Trills, Tremolos and Bisbigliandi
Muffling, Etouffees, Pres de la Table and Special Notation
Advanced Connection Exercises

Supplementary Advice

Suggestions for Effective Practice
Memorization Techniques
The Art of Playing Cleanly
Tone Quality
Preparing for Competitions or Concerts
Performance Qualities
Preparing for Orchestra Auditions
Program Planning
Artistic Performance
Career Considerations


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