UM0973 Conditioning Exercises

Cover image Conditioning Exercises
Carlos Salzedo
Contents: See contents below
Instrumentation: Pedal Harp
Level: Beginners and Advanced Players
Format: 9" x 12" stapled score
ISMN: 073999868203
Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.
Series: Study Material for the Harp
Edition/Year: 1951
Origin: USA
Our Ref: UM0973

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Conditioning Exercises - Carlos Salzedo

The touring harpist does not always have the opportunity to practice but can only warm up his fingers and limber up his muscles. He will find it more beneficial to play all these exercises without intermission one after the other, first with the right hand, then with the left (or vice versa) instead of alternating the hands after each exercise. The playing time of these exercises — for each hand — is approximately from 8 to 12 minutes, depending on the tempo; for example: =40, 12 minutes 25 seconds; = 50. 10 minutes, 10 seconds; = 60, 8 minutes, 35 seconds (condensed version not included).


These exercises should be practiced in various degrees of speed and strength, with an irreproachable position and the fullest action of the fingers.

It is not essential to practice them exclusively in C major. Their technical value will not be impaired if they are practiced with different pedal combinations, and their musical interest will be extended. For example, in the first six exercises, one can set pedals Eb, Ab and Bb (Aeolian mode — usually referred to as "normal" or "natural" minor), or Eb and Ab (harmonic minor), or Eb going up and Bb, Ab, Eb going down (melodic minor). In exercises VII and VIII, one will obtain a great variety by using Db, or D#, or Bb and Db, or Bb, Db and F#, or any combination resulting from mixing sharps with flats and naturals.

When played with the left hand, these exercises will be transposed an octave lower.


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