UM0906 The Irish Harp Book

Cover image The Irish Harp Book - a tutor and companion
Sheila Larchet Cuthbert
Contents: 12 Lessons with many studies, solos, duets, songs and ensemble works
Instrumentation: Lever Harp
Level: Beginner to Advanced with Exam settings (Click panel below):
Format: A4 Bound Book
Pages: 248 (+ 14 blank manuscript & notes pages)
Weight: 1035gm
ISBN: 1-904505-08-2
Publisher: Carysfort Press
Series --
Edition/Year: Facsimile Edition 2004
Origin: Ireland
Our Ref: UM0906
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This is a facsimile of the edition originally published by Mercier Press in 1993. There is a new preface by Sheila Larchet Cuthbert, and the biographical material has been updated. It is a collection of studies and exercises for the use of teachers and pupils of the Irish harp.

Exam Settings

The Irish Harp Book

Exam Settings:


Carolan's Farewell to Music (page 103) - ABRSM Grade 5 List B Item 6
Interlude (pp 116-8) - ABRSM Grade 6 List A Item 8 (Non pedal only)
Berceuse (pp 166-7) - ABRSM Grade 6 List B Item 4 (Non pedal only)
No 3 Allegro assai (pp 141-4) - ABRSM Grade 7 List B Item 15 (Non pedal only)
Fantasia and Rondo (pp 163-5 & 168-7) - ABRSM Grade 8 List B Item 10 (Non pedal only)


Study No 9 (p 54) - LCM Grade 2 List A
Interlude (pp 116-8) - LCM Grade 6 List B
Berceuse (pp 166-7) - LCM Grade 6 List C
Fantasia and Rondo (pp 163-5 & 168-7) - LCM Grade 7 List B


Deirin De (page 161) - TRINITY Non Pedal Harp Grade 6
An Coitin Dearg (page 86 - 89) - TRINITY Non Pedal Harp Grade 7
Any two of Mcnulty's Fantasia, Berceuse and Rondo - TRINITY Non Pedal Harp Grade 7
Any two of Victory's Three Pieces - TRINITY Non Pedal Harp Grade 7

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Sample Page