SM667: The Fairy Bridge / Song of the Ancients

Sheet Music for Harp Ensemble
The Fairy Bridge
& Song of the Ancients

Helen Barley

Cover Image 2 more pieces for lever or pedal harp inspired by the Isle of Mann
3 equal parts + optional easy part 4

The Isle of Mann. This legendary island has a long and intriguing history, from Stone Age man to Celts, early Christians, then Viking invaders. Its magical landscape of rugged cliffs, tranquil glens, dark caves and dramatic waterfalls evoke an air of mystery, prompting imaginings of the distant past.

Please feel free to use the music as you wish, to suit your harpists, dividing parts between players if necessary. Most arpeggio and chord sequences use the same pattern through each passage, so are not so hard as they look. Dynamics and speed can be altered as you wish.

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Library Information

Title: The Fairy Bridge
Song of the Ancients
Composer/Arranger: Helen Barley
Instrumentation: 4 (or more) lever or pedal harps
Level: Intermediate with easier Harp 4 part
Format: A4 Stapled Score and Set of 4 Parts
Weight: 450gm
ISMN: --
Our Ref: SM0667
Publisher: Helen Barley
Edition/Year: 2020
Origin: UK (EU)

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Sample of the music