SM0655 Etudes for Concert or Celtic Harp

Etudes for Concert or Celtic Harp
Bonnie Shaljean

Front Cover ImageThis score contains 58 titles. Collected studies and related pieces, many also suitable for performance, includes new material never before seen, plus a mixture of historical pieces unpublished in modern times, transcriptions, & known harp repertoire. 105 pages incl text.

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Notes on Editing and Markings
BACH, J C Allegretto in F  
  Peasant Dance  
  Solfeggio in G  
BENNETT/EVANS A Rondo for the Harp  
BERENS Allegretto in F  
BERGMÜLLER Harmony of the Angels  
  Harmony of the Little Angels (shorter)  
  The Clear Brook  
  The Swallow  
BERTINI Allegro  
BOCHSA Etude VI 40 Etudes Op. 318  
  Etude VII 50 Etudes Op. 34  
  Etude IX 40 Etudes Op. 318  
  Etude X 40 Etudes Op. 318  
  Etude XV 40 Etudes Op. 318  
  Etude XVI 40 Etudes Op. 318  
  Etude XXXVI 40 Etudes Op. 318  
  Etude XXXVII 40 Etudes Op. 318  
CHIPP A Temple To Friendship  
  Reason Folly & Beauty  
  Those Evening Bells  
CZERNY Allegro Moderato  
CZERNY/SHALJEAN Allegretto Vivace  
  Allegro in A  
  Allegro in C  
  Molto Allegro  
  Molto Allegro II  
GODEFROID Etude in F  
HELLER Carillon Study in F  
  Etude in C ABRSM Grade 6
  Prelude in C  
KIALLMARK Etude in G  
LA TOUR Sonatina in G  
NADERMANN Allegro in Bb  
  Etude for Rapid Playing  
  Moderato in Bb  
  Rondoletto, Sonatina I  
  Rondoletto, Sonatina IV  
PARRY (BARDD ALAW) Proving the Strings  
SCHUMANN In the Gondola  
SHALJEAN Etude After Czerny  
  Etude After Viner ABRSM Grade 7
  Etude in A Minor  
  Etude in Bb  
  Etude in C Minor  
  Etude in D  
  Etude in G Minor  
VINER Etude in A Minor ABRSM Grade 7
  Two Studies in Rolled Chords  
WEIPPERT Divertimento I  
  Divertimento II  
  Divertimento III  
  Divertimento IV  
  Divertimento V  
ZABEL Exercise No. 19 (Method for the Harp)  


Not all of the pieces in this collection were specifically composed as etudes, but they share the common characteristic of giving a good technique workout on a specific discipline while still remaining rewarding to play and listen to.

Some of them are a familiar part of study repertoire but many will be new to the harp world either as original compositions or transcriptions from other instruments. All provide exercise in the standard classical figures and a good number are also suitable as performance pieces.

They will be of use to concert and Celtic harp players alike as they do not require pedals or a range exceeding 34 strings.

Sample Page

Sample page

Library Information

Title: Etudes for Concert or Celtic Harp
Works: 58 - see "Contents"
Composer: Bonnie Shaljean
Instrumentation: Lever or Pedal Harp
Level: Internediate to Advanced
Grade 6-7 Exam Settings
Format: A4 Ring Bound Score
Weight: 400gm
Publisher: Blue Crescent Music
Printed & Distributed by: Creighton's Collection
First Published: 2004
ISMN: 979-0-57046-345-9
Origin: UK
Our Ref: SM0655