SM0621: Schnauzer Snippets - Volume 2

Jazz Harp Series:
Schnauzer Snippets - Volume 2
5 compositions for lever or pedal harp
Ben Creighton Griffiths


Cover ImageSchnauzer Snippets Volume 2 is a collection of five more new jazz compositions by Ben Creighton Griffiths - inspired by his Miniature Schnauzer "Charlie Parker" and are written for intermediate lever harp players but can also be played on pedal harp.

Schnauzer Salsa
Pupper’s Blues
Doggy Day Dreams
Walking Song
Ruff Reggae

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Score Information

Title; Schnauzer Snippets Volume 2
Contents: 1. Schnauzer Salsa
2. Pupper’s Blues
3. Doggy Day Dreams
4. Walking Song
5. Ruff Reggae
Composer: Ben Creighton Griffiths
Instrumentation: Lever or Pedal Harp
Level: Intermediate
Format: A4 stapled
Weight: 70g
ISBN: 979-0-57046-309-1
Our Ref: SM0621
Publisher: Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: First Edition January 2019
Origin: Wales, UK