SM610: The Laxey Wheel / Island of Mystery

Sheet Music for Harp Ensemble
The Laxey Wheel
& Island of Mystery

Helen Barley

Cover Image Two pieces "The Laxey Wheel" and "Island of Mystery" arranged for mixed ability harp ensemble. Provided as a score and parts for 3 lever or pedal harps. Each part varying in difficulty.

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Library Information

Title: The Laxey Wheel
Island of Mystery
Composer/Arranger: Helen Barley
Instrumentation: 3 (or more) lever or pedal harps
Level: Mixed Ability
Format: A4 Stapled Score and Set of 3 Parts
Weight: 305gm
ISMN: --
Our Ref: SM0610
Publisher: Helen Barley
Edition/Year: 2018
Origin: UK (EU)

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