SM0592: Schnauzer Snippets - Volume 1

Jazz Harp Series:
Schnauzer Snippets - Volume 1
5 compositions for lever or pedal harp
Ben Creighton Griffiths


Cover ImageSchnauzer Snippets Volume 1 is a collection of five new jazz compositions by Ben Creighton Griffiths - inspired by his Miniature Schnauzer "Charlie Parker" and are written for intermediate lever harp players but can also be played on pedal harp.

Barking Bossa
Dog Day Blues
Wagging Waltz
Squirrel Lane Swing
Funky Paws

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Review / Testimonial

Praise for Schnauzer Snippets


As a harp teacher in a (US) State University, I often have students who are total beginners or low level who are taking one semester of harp as an elective.  Many times, even the more accomplished students are not music majors and they just want to continue playing, but want to play something fun.

As you know, often the lower level, lever harp accessible material is geared to young children or quite traditional, which college students may equate with "boring."     I purchased Schnauzer Snippets to be able to have something jazzy and fun for these students.

I am so thrilled with these pieces, and I highly recommend this set.  Not only do they have a fun, engaging concept, but they provide an excellent study in advanced rhythms, combined with simple notes.  I think this really sets "Schnauzer Snippets" into a class of their own, providing something that has been missing in early teaching materials.   I have mentioned to other teachers that I think this set is akin to, and as valuable as Salzedo's Dances (which are at a distinctly higher level, with a different focus), and is a wonderful primer for those works.

Certainly, these pieces also provide a great introduction to you, your work, and the inventive things you are doing with the harp.  (I incorporate learning about harpists and harp composers into my course work.) 

Thank you,
Kara Dahl Russell - Professional Actress, Singer & Harpist
Adjunct Prof. of Applied Harp at Salisbury University (USA, Maryland)
Winner of 3 Associated Press Awards for Classical Music Radio Programming

Received by e-mail 24 February 2018

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Score Information

Title; Schnauzer Snippets
Contents: 1. Barking Bossa
2. Dog Day Blues
3. Wagging Waltz
4. Squirrel Lane Swing
5. Funky Paws
Composer: Ben Creighton Griffiths
Instrumentation: Lever or Pedal Harp
Level: Intermediate
Format: A4 stapled
Weight: 70g
ISBN: 979-0-57046-252-0
Our Ref: SM0592
Publisher: Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: First Edition January 2018
Origin: Wales, UK