SM0547: Promenade in Prague

Jazz Harp Series - Jazz Harp Trio
Promenade in Prague
Composed for three/four lever or pedal harps Ben Creighton Griffiths

Cover ImagePromenade In Prague is a piece for three or four harps. Parts one, two, and three can be played on Lever Harp and cover the melody, chords, and bassline of the piece. Harp four (pedal harp) is to enable teachers to accompany their student groups.

There are three written improvisations – one for each part. These can be played as written or altered at the players discretion. Alternatively the chord changes are provided above the music so that performers can improvise over their respective section.

Promenade in Prague is a swing piece and so players should try to emulate a traditional swung style throughout.

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Sample page from the score

Sample page

Score Information

Title Promenade in Prague
Composer Ben Creighton Griffiths
Arranger: Ben Creighton Griffiths
Instrumentation: Three Lever or Pedal Harps
Optional fourth harp (pedal only)
Level: Intermediate
Format: A4 stapled score & parts
Weight: 155g
ISBN: 979-0-57046-206-3
Our Ref: SM0547
Publisher: Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: First Edition October 2016
Origin: Wales, UK