SM531: Three Part Rounds

Sheet Music for Harp Ensemble
Three Part Rounds

Helen Barley

Cover Image Two 3 Part Extended Rounds for 3 or more lever or pedal harps plus an optional Beginner part for both tunes.

1. Captain Rutland
2. Rosemary Hill Rondo

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Captain Rutland
Rosemary Hill Rondo

3 Part Extended Rounds

1) All play Part 1

2) Some go on to Part 2, some repeat Part 1

3) Some go on to Part 3, some repeat Part 1 or Part 2

4) Beginner's very simple part is printed separately at the end of each piece

5) Each piece has one or two "middle sections", which are also played asa round, before returning to the first section.

6) .Feel free to improvise on top, or re-arrange the parts as you wish

Library Information

Title: Three Part Rounds
Contents: Captain Rutland
Rosemary Hill Rondo
Composer/Arranger: Helen Barley
Instrumentation: 3 or more lever or pedal harps
Level: Mixed Ability
Format: A4 Stapled
Weight: 100gm
ISMN: --
Our Ref: SM0531
Publisher: Helen Barley
Edition/Year: 2016
Origin: UK (EU)

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