SM501: Early Scottish Airs

Sheet Music for Harp
Early Scottish Airs

Bill Taylor

Cover ImageEarly Scottish Airs contains pieces from 17th-century Scottish lute manuscripts, along with tunes and airs from other 18th-century collections. They are intimate pieces, music enjoyed in the households of wealthy landowners, set out here for a range from G below Middle C up to treble D. Ornamentation, damping, gestures and fingering are all written in and clearly explained in the glossary.

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Artist Profile and catalogue of works - Bill Taylor



Wemyss Lute Book (1643-1648)

1. Ladi ly nier mee / I choys to ly my lon / My lady binnis Lilt / Through the wood Laudie

Straloch lute book (1627 - 1629)

2. I long for the Wedding / Shoes rare and good in all (Lilt Ladie An Gordoun)

Skene mandore MS (c.1620)

3. My Lord Dingwall's Currand

4. Doun in yon banke / Ladie Cassilis Lilt / Lesleis Lilt

Patrick McDonald, A Collection of Highland Vocal Airs (1784)

5. Chuir iad nuse ann an seòmar fuar / Druimmionn dubh / Oscar's Ghost / 'S mi air cragan na sgurra / Ged do theid mi dion m' leabaidh, 's beag mo shund ris a' chadal
Gillespie MS (1768) / James Oswald, Caledonian Pocket Companion (c.1745-c.1760)

6. Miss Faw's Minuet / She's sweetest when she's naked

Balcarres lute book (c.1695)

7. The Lady Errolls delight, the 1st way, John reds way / The Lady Errols delight, the 2d way, by david grieve / The Lady Errolls delight, the 3d way, Mr lesslies way

The Scots Musical Museum (1787-1803)

8. O can ye sew cushions / Tweed Side

Library Information

Title: Early Scottish Airs
Contents: see "Contents" panel above
Composer/Arranger: Various / Bill Taylor
Instrumentation: Wire Strung Clarsach / Lever Harp
Level: Intermediate
Format: A4 Stapled
Weight: 135gm
ISMN: --
Our Ref: SM501
Publisher: Marsharp Music
Edition/Year: 2012 / Reprinted 2014
Origin: UK (EU)

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