SM0489: Pulling Strings on the clarsach

Sheet Music for Harp
Pulling Strings on the clarsach - Book 1
Elinor Evans

Music Score Cover Image"This book includes ten of my original clarsach pieces. These vary in range from easy to hard and in the book there is a handy lever chart to help get you started." Elinor Evans

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Sheet Music for Harp
Pulling Strings on the clarsach - Book 1
Elinor Evans

I wrote these tunes at various times over the past 6 or so years. I am really passionate about the clarsach, it is a beautiful instrument and one which deserves its own place and its own music. Throughout school being dyslexic, writing was a chore and I found solace with my clarsach; music gave me a voice when expressing myself with the written word was hard. Composition was a natural extension of my playing and most of these pieces are intended to tell a story or commemorate an event. Inspiration comes from many sources including nature, friends and family who have all been very patient over the years!

All of these tunes can be played as solos but for some of them I have written other parts — these can be downloaded from my website, and can also be heard on my first CD Kaleidoscope.

I hope you have as much fun playing these tunes as I had writing them. You can contact me through my website - please let me know!

Tunes in the book

Tilly’s Dance
The Chatterbox & The Plewlands Kids
A Single Kiss
Ferris Wheel
Herding the Sheep
Sleeping Child
Journey to Perth
Ten Years Till Your Bus Pass

Library Information

Title: Pulling Strings on the clarsach - Book 1
Composers: Elinor Evans
Instrumentation: Lever Harp
Level: Mixed
Format: Stapled
Size: 225x305mm
Weight: 135gm
ISMN: EU edition 979-0-9002333-0-1
Our Ref: SM0489
Publisher: Elinor Evans
Edition/Year: 2014
Origin: UK

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