SM0399: Hands on Harp -You Can Play!

Hands on Harp - You Can Play!
A first tutor book for the young harpist
Angharad Evans Young

Cover ImageFor the last eighteen years, it has been my privilege to teach many beginner harpists, and it has been my joy and delight to be able to share my love of the harp to so many who would like to learn to play. I always stress that teaching and learning should not only be informative but fun. The dreaded words 'Theory', 'Technique', 'Sight-Reading' must not be allowed to be off-putting, when all one wants to do is to be able to put 'Hands on Harp' and to make music.

I hope my little book with its notes named Cool C, Dizzy D, Exciting E, Fantastic F, Gorgeous G, Amazing A and Busy B, and with its tunes with names like Wobbly Waltz, Groovy Giraffes, Dozing Donkeys, Crazy Crocodiles, Alligator Snap, Bopping Bugs and Dinosaur Disco will help to make your Hands on Harp experience a happy one. And what is more, you will find, as have so many of my pupils in the past, that you have conquered the 'problems' of Theory, Technique and Sight-Reading without even being aware that they were there!

The book can be used in both individual and group teaching, and towards the end I have included second (and in some cases, third and fourth) harp parts to pieces which are set in Grade examinations, and these can be used for playing together, giving the beginner harpist valuable ensemble experience. (see Library Information)

I would like to thank my grandfather C.D. Tyler for all the illustrations - I hope you have fun colouring them in.

Have fun! Happy Harping!

Angharad Evans Young

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Library Information

Title: Hands on Harp - You Can Play!
Author: Angharad Evans Young
Instrumentation: Lever or Pedal Harp
Level: Beginner
Included: Score
Format: Stapled
Size: A4
Weight: 150gm
ISMN: M-57046-060-1
Our Ref: SM0399
Publisher: Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: First Edition May 2012
Origin: Wales, UK
    Harp Parts
Play along parts are provided for the following tunes H2 H3 H4
Rondo - Betty Parett   x    
Grossi No. 10 (p. 97)   x    
Sound the Trumpets - Skaila Kanga   x    
Barn Dance Memory - Grandjany/Weidensaul   x    
Midnight Stars - Grandjany/Weidensaul   x x  
Charlotte in Spring - Clifton-Welker   x x x

Sample Page

Sample of the music

Artist Information and Contact Details

Angharad Evans YoungAngharad Evans Young

Born in Port Talbot, it was as an eight-year-old that Angharad began harp lessons, studying with Sali Wyn Islwyn. At Cardiff University she was privileged to work with Ann Griffiths, graduating BMus (Hons) and gaining a brilliant post-graduate Master's degree in Performance Studies, specialising in Harp. She completed her studies with a year in Paris as a student of Isabelle Perrin at the École Normale de Musique de Alfred Cortot.

Angharad performs and teaches on both concert and Celtic harp with great success, but as a soloist her passion for giving authentic performances on contemporary instruments has led to her studying both the Welsh triple harp and the single action pedal harp. She has played Mozart's Concerto for Flute and Harp on a contemporaneous single action harp, and on the triple harp she has played not only traditional Welsh folk music, but classical pieces by John Parry and Handel, including Handel's famous Concerto in B¨, which she has played with specialist baroque ensembles, and recorded in its solo version.

She has won many prizes including the National Eisteddfod, the David Evans Memorial Prize, the Concerto Prize in the North London Festival, and the United Kingdom Harp Association's Award for promising young harpists. As a soloist she has been heard in the UK, the USA, and all over Europe, from as far south as Spain to as far north as the Arctic Circle, and her playing continues to inspire more and more living composers to write for the harp.

Angharad has been teaching for eighteen years, and as well as teaching her private pupils on a one-to-one basis in both Cardiff and Port Talbot, she has taught for five different music services, most recently Cardiff and the Vale Music Service. Her innovative 'Hands on Harp' method for beginners has been tried, tested and proved successful with pupil after pupil, with groups and classes and on courses. Grade examinations are a convenient way to chart a pupil's progress, and Angharad's pupils have a 100% success rate at ABRSM examinations; several pupils who started with her from the beginning have gone on to study the harp at Universities and Conservatories. Then there are others, both young and old, who do not wish to take examinations. They too, starting with no musical knowledge whatsoever, can, by working through this book, in no time at all acquire the necessary technical skills, absorb knowledge of the musical principles involved, learn to 'read' music, have lots of fun, place your hand on the harp – and play!

Contact Details Angharad Evans
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SA12 8AF
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