SM0335 Renaissance Music for the Harp

Cover image Renaissance Music for the Harp
arr. Deborah Friou
Contents: see Contents Panel
Instrumentation: Lever or Pedal Harp
Level: Intermediate
Format: US letter stapled score
ISBN: 9780962812040
Publisher: Friou Music
Edition/Year: 1985
Origin: USA
Our Ref: SM0335

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Renaissance Music for the Harp
arr. Deborah Friou


This book contains a collection of dances and ayres from the Renaissance period, arranged for the harp. Most of the pieces were written in the 1500's and were originally intended for keyboard, lute, or voice. Many of them are found in more than one setting by several composers and were considered the popular music of the day, to be played and enjoyed at home by the amateur as well as by the professional musician. In the 16th century, a vast amount of dance music was published. Drawn from these are the corrantos, almans, and voltas found in this book. They should be played with a feeling for the strong rhythmic pulse typical of dance music.

The alman has a moderate, stately, almost heavy style. The corranto and volt a should convey a light touch and quick tempo. The bransle has a swaying feel in keeping with the dance. The ayres are characterized by the beauty of the melodic line and should be played expressively and sensitively.

All of the arrangements can be played on folk harp. Some do have accidentals that require the use of sharping levers.

The names of the pieces, as well as their melodies, are evocative of images of another time, of castles, lords, and ladies: a time when making music was considered an essential part of a cultured person's life.

It is the purpose of this book to bring to the harpers and harpists of today the music of the Renaissance.



Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home - John Dowland
Corranto - Anon
Toy - Francis Cutting
Bransle - Pierre Attaignant
Corranto - Anon
All in a Garden Green - John Playford
Nachtanz - Tielman Susato
Alman - Thomas Morely
Robin - John Munday
Fortune - William Byrd
It Was a Lover and His Lass - Thomas Morely
Alman - Anon
Corranto - Anon
Nobody's Gigge - Giles Farnaby
Lady Riche - Anon
Wolseys Wilde - William Byrd
La Volta - William Byrd
Variation of La Volta - William Byrd
Greensleeves - Francis Cutting
The Carman's Whistle - William Byrd
Variation of The Carman's Whistle - William Byrd
Hartes Ease - Anthony Holborne
Alman - Anon
The Earl of Essex Galliard - John Dowland

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