SM0320 Ceol na Clarsaich

Ceol na Clarsaich
Anne Macdearmid

Front cover imageArrangements and Compositions for Celtic Harp by Anne Macdearmid.

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Ceol na Clarsaich
Anne Macdearmid


Caidil gu lo (lullaby)
St. Columba's Hymn (Caol Muile)
Bhanarach dhonn a' chruaidh (The Dairymaid)
Cumha Peathar Ruaidhri (Rory Dall's Sister's Lament)
Bi Falbh o'n uinneig (Go away from my window)
Och nan och, 'smi fo leireadh (Sad am I)
Bo lurach thu (Sweet dun cow)
Gu ma mear a charaid (Merry may the pair be)
A' Bhanais Irteach (St. Kilda Wedding)
Snaim a' phosaidh (The Nuptial Knot)
An long reubaidh (The Reiving Ship)
Deoch Slainte do'n Armailt (Round with a health to Glorious Wellington)
Creag Ghuanach
Cumha MhicCriomainn (MacCrimmon's Lament)
Aye Waukin' O
Niel Gow's Lamentation for James Moray of Abercarney
The May of the Glen
When ye cold winter nights were frozen (Braes o' Yarrow)
Bobbin John
The Road to Ford
Lasswade Hornpipe
Merry Boys o' Greenland
Sleep soond in da morning
Willa fiord

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Library Information

Title: Ceol na Clarsaich
Works: 24 works (see contents above)
Composer: Anne Macdearmid
Instrumentation: Lever Harp
Level: intermediate
Format: A4 Score
Weight: 140gm
ISMN: --
Our Ref: SM0320
Publisher: Macdearmid
Edition/Year: 1987
Origin: UK