SM0271 Ratatouille - Various pieces for harp by Clemens Krijger

Various pieces for harp by Clemens Krijger

Cover Image: RatatouilleRatatouille - Various pieces for harp - a very enthusiastic tune book for (celtic) harp with audio CD. Clemens Krijger composed the fifteen different pieces and harpist Nienke van Leijden made the arrangements. Bert Keizer did the production, Jon Brandes made the illustration and Puck Bosch was responsible for the design. Great fun for medium grade harpists who have been playing for 3 -6 years. The book has some lovely illustrations and each piece has brief performance notes. Texts in Dutch and English.

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Contents - Book

1   Pirouette
2   Sailor
3   Harptude
4   Cuby
5   Spain
6   Country Side
7   Lullaby
8   Blue Eyes
9   Pierrot
10 Little Birdie
11 Lilith
12 Miniature
13 Harp Rocker
14 Butterfly
15 Indigo

Contents - Audio CD

1   Pirouette - Solo harp
2   Sailor - Karaoke (with harp)
3   Harptude - Solo harp
4   Cuby - Karaoke (with harp)
5   Spain - Solo harp
6   Country Side - Solo harp
7   Lullaby - Solo harp
8   Blue Eyes - Karaoke (with harp)
9   Pierrot - Solo harp
10 Little Birdie - Solo harp
11 Lilith - Solo harp
12 Miniature - Solo harp
13 Harp Rocker - Karaoke (with harp)
14 Butterfly - Solo harp
15 Indigo - Solo harp
16 Sailor - Karaoke (without harp)
17 Cuby - Karaoke (without harp)
18 Blue Eyes - Karaoke (without harp)
19 Harp Rocker - Karaoke (without harp)

Sample Page, Sample Notes & Audio Clip


Audio clip (30 seconds)

Performance note

The rhythmic figure of spain between the left and the right hand looks complicated but together they sound logical and swinging. Perhaps you could study the first 16 bars to begin with. This will already be a complete section.. The more difficult parts follow in the remaining bars.

Sample Page
Sample of the music

Foreword, Notes & Credits

It was during one of the CD recording sessions Nienke participated in, that Clemens got the idea to compose a few pieces for lever harp. That challenged Nienke to agree to take care of the arrangements. It did not stop with ideas only. You are looking at the result: a music study book for harp combined with a practice CD. The CD stimulates and accelerates studying.

The fifteen compositions provide variety and are easy to listen to. The required level of experience is 'average' (approximately 3-6 years of lessons). For this level of experience we decided to divide the compositions culinary into appetizers (light), main courses (heavy) and desserts (medium). No matter how you would like to select your menu, you won't gain any weight. The compositions are not only meant for lever harp but are also perfectly suited for a pedal harp. The colourful and creative illustrations complement the package.

We certainly hope that you will enjoy playing Ratatouille's compositions.

Levers and pedals
Lever changes are indicated by diamond shaped notes. When playing the appetizers and almost all desserts you only have to set the levers at the beginning of each piece. The main courses and desserts Little Birdie and Butterfly also contain lever changes during the piece.

The pedal changes are written in between the staffs. Spain and Blue Eyes contain enharmonic notes, which sound the same as the intended notes, but are played on a different string.

Translation advice by Robert van der Heiden and Carrie Taylor
CD produced by Bert Keizer
Illustrations by Jon Brandes
Design Puck Bosch
Special thanks to Maaike Bosscher and Michiel Brentjens
Music engraving by Lilypond

Copyright Clemens Krijger 2008
Publisher: Beeldend Componist

Library Information

Title: Ratatouille Various pieces for harp
Composer/Arranger: Clemens Krijger
Instrumentation: Lever Harp (or pedal harp)
Level: Medium
Format: Stapled
Size: A4
Total Pages: 40
Weight: 190gm (including CD)
ISBN: n/a
Our Ref: SM0271
Publisher: Beeldend Componist
Edition/Year: 2008
Origin: Netherlands (EU)