SM0265: James Hook Sonatas Volume 2

James Hook Sonatas arranged for flute & harp Volume 2
Sonata in G
- from Sonata No. 3 for flute & keyboard
Sonata in F
-  from Sonata No. 4 for flute & keyboard


Cover Image: Hook SonatasJames Hook (1746-1827), composed over 2,000 songs as well as many stage works, cantatas, concertos and chamber pieces. His chamber music included a set of six sonata for flute and keyboard written around 1774 which have been arranged for Flute and Harp by Jane Groves. The harp part has been edited by Ben Creighton Griffiths

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Library Information

Series: Hook Sonatas
Title: Volume 2: Sonata in G, Sonata in F
Arranged by : Jane Groves
Harp part ed. Ben Creighton Griffiths
Instrumentation: Flute & Pedal Harp
Level: Flute: Intermedate (Grade 4 - 6)
Harp: Intermediate + (Grade 6-7)
Included: Score + flute part
Format: Stapled
Size: A4
Weight: 150gm
ISMN: M-57046-001-4 (set)
Our Ref: SM0266
Publisher: Creighton's Collection
Edition/Year: First Edition October 2010
Origin: Wales, UK

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Sample of the music